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Fort Walton Beach Parasailing

Fort Walton Beach Parasailing and Paragliding

There are few moments quite as majestic as soaring above the glistening waves of the gulf, aloft on a vibrantly colored parasail or paraglider and salt tinged breezes coming off of the sea. In Fort Walton and the surrounding area, there are a number of ways that you and your guests can get your fix of excitement above the water! For more information on Fort Walton Beach parasailing and paragliding in Fort Walton Beach, read on below!

Take an Exhilarating Ride above the Waves with Fort Walton Beach Parasailing

Fort Walton Beach is home to Fort Walton Beach Parasail, nestled in two locations: on the dock, or directly on the beach behind Pompano Joe’s Seafood House. At Fort Walton Beach Parasail, you and your guests can partake in breathtaking sunset flights, combination rides on parasails and banana boats, and more. The company specializes in side by side double and triple parasailing Fort Walton Beach flights, as well as private fireworks cruises by reservation.

Prices range from $25.00 for observers in the spring season to$75.00 for sunset flyers during the summer. For those who want to commemorate their parasailing trip, there are photo packages available.

If you want to avoid getting wet during your parasailing Fort Walton Beach adventure, you can embark from the dock. If you’d rather get wet, bring your swimsuit and go to Fort Walton Beach Parasail’s beach location.

Nearby in the city of Destin, there are a handful of other parasailing providers as well. Destin Parasailing, Destin Beach Parasail, Sun Dogs Parasail, and Just Chute Me! Parasail are fantastic options as well for your parasailing adventure, provided you don’t mind driving over to Destin. These providers offer single, double, and triple parasailing flights, as well as photo and video packages and shirts.

Prices for these Fort Walton Beach parasailing providers are about $35.00 for spectators and around $45.00 for flyers, with slightly higher or lower pricing depending on the season. Some parasailing companies, such as Sun Dogs, Just Chute Me! Parasail, and Destin Parasailing, also offer other packages that combine parasailing with other rentals.

The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Parasailing!

Many visitors who make their way to Fort Walton Beach or the Destin area with every intention of spending time parasailing are likely focused on the incredible view that’s waiting to be discovered. While this sky-high vantage point is reason enough to strap into your gear and let the wind carry you up and away, parasailing actually comes with some other surprisingly positive effects that should definitely be considered when you book your excursion.

The first and perhaps most obvious is all of that sunshine you’ll be exposed to as you’re up in the air looking down on the sea and sand from above. Parasailing puts you in a great position to soak up a ton of Vitamin D, which not only boosts your overall immune system but is even a vital nutrient when it comes to bone strength and health.

Yes, flying up into the air for a one-of-a-kind view is bound to be exciting, but parasailing can also be a surprisingly relaxing activity to enjoy when you’re on vacation and need to release some of that lingering stress daily responsibilities have a way of leaving behind. The speed of the boat is designed to give you enough momentum to get up to a desirable height, but in parasailing, you won’t generally feel that you’re being tugged along too quickly. On the contrary, many people say that it’s something closer to floating! That said, it’s a great opportunity to breathe deeply, enjoy your surroundings and let yourself let go of stress over bright blue waters.

Of course, if you’re looking forward to a rush of adrenaline that gets your heart pumping, parasailing can do that too! Especially as you’re lifting into the sky, the adrenaline rush is a great way to focus on perspective, enjoy the journey and let your heart work overtime which could also burn a few calories! For those who have a passion for adrenaline-infused moments, parasailing can bring a sense of joy that lasts long after you return to the boat.

Finally, if you’re a traveler that loves a good adventure but suffers from stiff or aching joints and can’t participate in walking tours or rigorous activities, parasailing proves time and again to be a great and low-impact excursion that offers up a ton of amazing moments without the stress! Let your knees, elbows, and other joints relax while you indulge your senses from above.

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