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donuts in Fort Walton Beach

Okaloosa Donuts

It’s not a very well kept secret here at The Breakers, but we are donut junkies; during staff meetings, birthdays, or just any regular Tuesday, a box or two of donuts are considered staples, and quite frequently, those donuts come from one of our local favorite spots, Okaloosa Donuts. Open every day of the week except Mondays from 6:30 or 7 AM until noon, their fresh donuts and smooth and delicious coffees are often the only way we can make it through the morning with our eyes staying open. They also make the perfect morning pick-me-up for our guests—stop by on your way into town and have them on hand for those mornings you just don’t want to get out of bed too early!

Located at 29D Miracle Strip Parkway SW

Found in a nondescript strip mall on the Parkway, Okaloosa Donuts is popular with everyone who stops in, and the looks of the place have nothing to do with it! Inside there is probably a laidback décor, maybe some chairs and tables, and probably windows, but to be honest, every time we walk in the door, all we can focus on is the bakery case filled with colorful and delicious donuts—oh, and the scent of coffee that blends so nicely with the scent of baking treats! Smiling people serving up the perfect combination of donuts and coffee add an atmosphere of welcoming that’s almost as sweet as the products they serve. Okaloosa Donuts just makes us happy!

Let’s Talk Donuts in Fort Walton Beach

Remember the days when your donut choices were limited to the same 12 flavors? You could buy glazed, cake, chocolate glazed, chocolate cake, Boston crème, apple fritters and a few other flavors—all scrumptious, but even the most diehard of donut fanatics would get bored after a while. Today at Okaloosa Donuts, the options are seemingly unlimited, change frequently, and are made each morning right there on the premises. Go ahead and take a sniff. Can you determine what the unicorn donut flavor is? Offering colorful sprinkles, cute little pink ears, and of course, the unicorn horn, this donut is guaranteed to be the fave of the little princess in your life, no matter what flavor! Popcorn ball donuts, teddy bear donuts, even Cookie Monster donuts show off the artistic talents of the creators, while the sweet taste of each treat shows off the skills of the bakers who make magic with just a few ingredients! These are definitely the best donuts in Fort Walton Beach!

Grab a Dozen for Your Condo

Having something sweet is important on vacation, and when you stay with us, keeping a dozen or more of these fantastic treats sweetens your visit. Reserve your condo from The Breakers at Fort Walton Beach today and enjoy your tasty vacation to paradise! Also, be sure to check out these amazing activities in Fort Walton Beach!