DIY Wedding Ideas

Over the years we have seen a lot of beautiful beach weddings on Okaloosa Island. Watching the bride walk down to the beach to say “I Do” always chokes us up here at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach. After thinking about all the beach weddings I have been honored to witness I thought why not write a blog about all the neat ideas I have seen.

The Best Affordable Photography Ideas:

Many years ago, before cell phones had some of the best cameras out there, we had these cool, very affordable disposable cameras. Professional photographers tend to get the best shots of the ceremony, but what about the reception? The bride wanted to make sure she got photos of everyone having a great time, so she had 1 disposable camera on each table with these instructions. “Take pictures of you having a wonderful time on the best day of my life.” She said that when she got the film developed she felt the bliss of her wedding day all over again, and feels like you she didn’t miss a thing.

You may not want to do this, so what about creating a facebook group and have everyone post fun, tasteful photos of the part to your group. You can then save them for your digital album or have them developed.

The Best Table Decorations:

We had a bride a few months that was planning her wedding on a shoestring budget. She must have been one of the most creative, budget minded brides I had met. She, her mom, her future mom-in-law as well as friends, bridesmaids and anyone she could get had all saved jars of various sizes since she got engaged. This was anything from a mason jar to a jar of baby food. As the big day neared she narrowed down the jars to what she needed for each table. The had put some of the sand from our beach and a few shells in the jars. Then put a tealight in the middle. They were so pretty. But that wasn’t it. She then put a strip of light blue paper (one of her color schemes) on each jar. She then had instructions on each table that said. This light will represent tonight, it will be bright but not last forever. On this strip of paper give me one tip for marriage happiness. Advice lasts forever. She said she got everything from buy an iron skillet to whop him with to never go to bed angry. She put those pieces of paper in her wedding album.

Creative Chair Sashes:

You know how they put a cover over the chair to make them pretty and then tie a bow around them to make them even more elegant? This creative bride decided she didn’t want to pay for that service that her wedding planner offered. This is what she did. She bought several small sheets to drape over the chairs and then asked to borrow her friends favorite scarves. The scarves were used to tie around the chair coverings. I didn’t think this was going to look very appealing, but believe me it did!!! It was a different look and matched her theme to the “T”.

Most Affordable DIY Wedding Dress:

The bride was a very simple gal and loved the beach. Both she and her fiancé were lovers of the ocean and wanted that to be their theme, “Marriage Will BE a Day at The Beach” unpredictable, but always fun and always beautiful.

The bride bought a $20 white one-piece bathing suit and had a “train” sewn to the bottom of it. And then she had a simple veil for her hair. And you guessed it, she didn’t wear any makeup and she was beautiful! The maid of honor as well as the bridesmaids wore simple sundresses.

The groom wore his favorite board shorts and so did all the groomsmen. The groomsmen elected to wear hawaiian shirts, the groom did not.

Everyone in attendance wore either shorts and casual shirts or sundresses. Their beach wedding was a beautiful day at the beach.

To say that you have to spend thousands of dollars to have a memorable wedding is not necessarily true. At least not in my eyes as these were some of the most affordable weddings I have seen and they obviously stuck with me. What’s your favorite DIY beach wedding idea?

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