1. Better Food: Here I thought theme parks were supposed to specialize in the classic outdoor delicacies of hot, sugary elephant ears, fire red candy apples, or juicy, real beef franks. Alas, most theme parks these days settle for subpar pizza slices worthy of a gas station freezer, with a $9 price tag to boot. Fortunately, Ft Walton Beach doesn’t have a shortage of good eating.While the theme park goers gnaw on their cheesy cardboard, you can spend your $9 by indulging in all you can eat Gulf popcorn shrimp at Floyd’s Shrimp House.
  2. Better Prices: For a single day’s admission into Disney World, you’ll spend over $100 per person before you even get through the front gate. Do you know how much it is per person for entry into Fort Walton Beach? Spoiler alert: not a dime.
  3. Free Parking: And while we’re on the subject of entry fees, how about those fun and entirely unavoidable pay-to-park stations? Because gas money to get there wasn’t enough, tack on another $20 to park on exclusive Disney asphalt. Do you know how much it is for parking at Ft Walton Beach?
  4. Double spoiler: not a dime. I think you know where I’m going with this.
  5. No Locker Requirements: The day they made lockers unavoidable was the day Disney ceased to be the ‘happiest place on earth’. Not only do I get to wait in line for whatever ‘small world’ fiasco awaits, but now I get to wait twice. At Fort Walton Beach, you can bring how ever much food and equipment you’re willing to carry without getting the stink-eye from any attendant.
  6. No Front Gate Backups: You know when you vacation and you drive hours and hours to get to your theme park destination and then you have to wait another hour just to get in? Triple spoiler: there’s no wait at Fort Walton Beach! (Okay…last one, I promise.)
  7. Better Drink Prices: Do you know how much I paid for a bottle of water the last time I was at Disney? Eight. Dollars. I think they get away with charging so much because you risk your general well-being should you risk drinking from the public water fountains. Nothing better than chlorinated lukewarm water, said no one ever.
  8. Plenty of Seating: I love the Emerald Coast, because you can literally sit anywhere. Whether you’re cruising along the boardwalk or the beach, there are benches abound! And, in the rare occurrence you can’t find a bench, the Gulf Coast is renowned for it’s sugary soft sand, so you won’t want a hard bench anyways.
  9. Crowd Control: Although there are busy seasons like any beach, the Emerald Coast is nice and spread out, so it never feels too crowded. Dash the thought of having to experience the feeling of a stranger’s hot breath on the back of your neck or being constantly bumped into during your wait to ride Space Mountain.
  10. Free Photos: With all the great photo apps available and the quality of smartphone cameras in general, you can easily take a better photo than the ones you get taken at the Disney gates. You know, the ones that force you to stand awkwardly together and make you fake your best smile when you’re all irritated because of the expensive parking and long wait to get in, and all you want to do is actually start your already $500 day. At the beach, the photo ops are better, and you’re much less likely to get photo-bombed.
  11. It’s the Beach! Vacations should be relaxing, not stress inducing. Florida’s Emerald Coast and the surrounding area is famous for its miles and miles of sugary white sand and brilliant green water. Take a beach side stroll, play a great round of golf, or enjoy undeniably fresh seafood. It’s all within your reach when you visit scenic Fort Walton Beach. Of course, the staff of The Breakers is happy to help you plan other great activities.