planning your wedding

As I am sure you are aware, wedding planning can be difficult and expensive. At this moment in time you may be ready to pull your hair out, but please don’t! We are here to help in your planning process. You are only one person after all. In your moments of stress take a deep breath. We have outlined a few things to consider during your wedding planning process so that you can lower your stress level and enjoy your time planning!

Here are 4 things to consider when planning your wedding:

  • Unforeseen Expenses: A few unforeseen expenses when planning a wedding can include anything from postage of the invites to hair and makeup trials. We suggest going simple on your invites. There are many simple DIY options out there (I’m sure you are familiar with Pinterest). You can then put money saved towards something else. As for hair and makeup trials, try to have a clear idea of the look you want. This way you will keep your trials to a minimum because they can cost up to the same as the wedding day service.
  • Stress: Of course stressing out isn’t your goal, but when under pressure sometimes the stress gets the best of us. However, in order to stay away from the dreaded term ‘bridezilla’, you must control your stress. In these situations turn to your right hand helpers. Delegate tasks to your bridesmaids. They are there to make the planning process easier. Maybe plan a day of DIYing then pop in one of your favorite wedding movies. We suggest something hilarious like Bride Wars or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It will do you good to laugh!
  • Guest List: The guest list is always a touchy subject because you don’t want to offend anyone. However, the more people you invite the more expensive your wedding becomes. Some considerations are how many people your venue allows. Also figure out how you picture your wedding. Do you see it with a large amount of people or just a handful of your closest friends and family? This will help you determine your final guest list.
  • Savoring Every Moment: Focus on all the things happening around you. This is is your special time leading up to your big day, so embrace it. Take in all the support you are getting and make sure to make time for the little moments. It is also recommended that you document your big day. Find someone to take pictures and even video the ceremony. It will be a tangible souvenir to look back on later. During the moment you often miss things and this will give an opportunity to look back on them.

The Breakers offers the perfect venue for an Emerald Coast beach wedding. We believe in the whole wedding experience. This means taking time for yourself and spending time with those you care about. This is why we have put together the perfect Beach Wedding Guide for those considering getting married at The Breakers. Check out the free guide and learn about the perks that Breakers brides receive.

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