4 tips for having an emerald cost wedding on a budget

As a bride you know the cost of a wedding can be extreme. According to Cost of a Wedding, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. can range anywhere from $19,984 to $33,306. This price tag doesn’t even include the honeymoon.  Why pay so much for a ceremony that will last an hour or less? It’s the experience and the memories that you will cherish the most at the end of the day. Therefore, you have probably thought that there is no way you could possibly have a picture perfect Emerald Coast Wedding on a budget. However, it is possible to have an Emerald Coast wedding on a budget without compromising the experience you want.

Here are 4 tips for having an Emerald Coast wedding on a budget:

  • Choose your location wisely. Some wedding packages charge exorbitant amounts for their venue. Look for a low key, yet beautiful venue, like Okaloosa Island. You get all the beauty, charm, and class for a fraction of the price of busier beaches.

bride and groom walk along beach

Okaloosa Island (Fort Walton Beach) on Florida’s Emerald Coast is the perfect beach wedding venue.


  • Less is more.  Simplicity is trending. You can do more with less. There is no need for a fancy backdrop when the Emerald Coast is behind you. You’re archway can be super simple. You can even DIY your archway. Most simple archways will tie into the beach theme, whether it is wood, bamboo, or floral. Seating can be affordable if you are willing to shop around, but there’s no rule that says you have to have seating for the ceremony.

bride and groom

This wedding set-up features a simple archway and no chairs. Who needs chairs when you can feel the soft  sand between your toes?

  • Limit Your Guest List. This of course will help with reception costs, which is a major expense for any wedding. The more people you invite the more food and drinks you need as well as more space and seating. Therefore, keeping your guest list to a minimum will save you lots of $$.

beach wedding set up

This wedding set-up features a simple archway and minimal seating for a limited guest list, along with the perfect backdrop of Fort Walton Beach.

  • DIY your Guest Favors. Why not let the guest favors multitask? One idea is to give everyone a shell to hold during the ceremony while sending the couple good thoughts. Then the guests take the shell home with them as a token of the couple’s special day. There are many DIY ideas out there, but this one is customizable and multitasks, thus saving you money.

beach wedding favors

A DIY seashell ceremony wedding favor is classy and it multitasks.

At The Breakers we offer brides the Emerald Coast wedding they desire, within their budget. Being a Breakers bride, you can expect nothing but the best, along with special perks. Check out our free Wedding Guide to see just how easy it is to plan a Breakers wedding within your budget, making your dream Emerald Coast wedding a reality.

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