Wish You Were Here written in the sand

Sometimes your vacation spot has more to offer than you may realize! Here are a few unique Fort Walton Beach area activities that are true treasures of the coast to enjoy.

Sand Castle Lessons – No matter how old you are, building a sandcastle is always fun, and it’s satisfying to admire the end result of your creation. Beach and Sand Sculptures takes it a step further by offering other lessons on how to turn your sandcastle into larger-than-life works of art.

Pirate Cruise – This buccaneer pirate tour takes you back to the Golden Age of Piracy by interactively entertaining passengers with sword fights, water gun battles, storytelling, singing, dancing, and treasure hunts that are great for the whole family! There are also bathrooms and food available on board.

Helicopter Tours – Having chartered flights for National Geographic and the Travel Channel, the professional pilots at Timberview Helicopters expertly navigate toward sweeping, picturesque views, allowing sightseers to steal glances of Fort Walton Beach from a perspective straight out of an action film.

Escape Zone 60 – This one-of-a-kind experience is described as “a live, interactive, fun, puzzle solving game where you have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles needed to complete your goal of escaping the room before time is up. No special skills are required, only interest to succeed and have fun.”

Float Therapy – This unforgettable spa promises an experience of perfect tranquility as you float in body-temperature epsom saltwater in a floatation pod that is free from the pull of gravity, sight, sound or touch.  Along with a variety of medically substantiated health and relaxation benefits, floatation therapy is quite simply one of the most effective adjuncts to any healing therapy being offered today!

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