Beach Wedding Setup

Having a small wedding doesn’t make your special day any less memorable or magical than having a large one. In fact, a small wedding can be much more intimate and enjoyable for both you and your guests! Here are some of our best reasons to have a small wedding:

  1. Save your money! The average price of weddings these days runs a staggering $30,000, i.e. a downpayment on a house. Spare yourself unnecessary debt and dismay by slicing your guest list.
    By having only close family and friends attend, an inexpensive wedding is easily feasible, and your budget can be put towards more important things (in Sweden, please!).
  2. Personalize your wedding with a unique venue. Since a small wedding doesn’t require the rental of a palace to fit everyone, take the opportunity to choose a unique venue that is personable and tells your story or dream. You’d be surprised what spaces can be put to use – everything from a beach, national park, sailboat, art museum or whatever else holds sentimental value for you!
  3. Spend more time with the people you love. If you’re anything like me (or any other bride-to-be for that matter), you want to make sure your guests are happy. In addition to making your guests feel more engaged (no pun intended), it’s much easier to spend time with your loved ones and fulfill any social obligations you may have. Not only will your guests have a better experience when they’re surrounded by people they’re familiar with, but so will you.
  4. There’s more room to be unique and creative. A trend that’s catching on fast is surprise wedding ceremonies. If it’s a particularly small guest list, you can create something super fun that’s reflective of the two of you. Just because your wedding doesn’t involve a fancy church, doesn’t mean your day will be any less memorable. Anyways, it’s amusing to picture a wedding under the guise of a typically family get together. It doesn’t get more memorable than that!
  5. Less stress. I love browsing the Pinterest boards and looking through all the wedding ‘Must-Do’ lists. With a smaller wedding, you can throw away the to-do list and take it at your own pace. It’s your big day – make it a stress-free one.
  6. Splurge on what matters. Now you can get that dream a-line, ivory lace, off-the-shoulder wedding gown you’ve been dreaming about since you were nine years-old. Or, how about a really fancy 5-course seafood dinner? Not to mention an amazing photographer to capture all those special moments. After cutting your guest list down, you can put your money towards the things that matter most to you.

Let the Breakers show you how a small beach wedding is a true wedding destination.

  • Brides receive 15% off their accomdoations
  • Can accommodate 100

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