The Breakers at FWB Vacation Memories

There are so many places in this world to choose from when it comes to planning your next family vacation and we get that. But, why The Breakers at Fort Walton Beach? The real question you should be asking yourself is why anywhere else? Why not The Breakers?


When you think of Florida your first thoughts are probably along the lines of golden sunshine, transparent waters, and white glimmering sandy beaches. Am I right? Well, just imagine waking up grabbing your breakfast while sitting on your balcony witnessing this view of perfection first hand. Talk about a wonderful, serene start to the perfect vacation. Grab your swimsuits, boogie boards, unicorn floats and race the kids down to the beach. Start your day off catching some waves or building the largest sand castle this side of Florida has ever seen. Feel yourself starting to burn? Apply that extra layer of sunscreen and catch a few more waves before adventuring down towards the boardwalk. Feeling a little competitive? Surrounding the boardwalk is where you will find an abundance of volleyball nets. A quick game with the family will paint a memory that no one in your group will ever forget no matter how big or little they may be.   After your long day in the sun you might be a little salty and sandy. No worries, it happens to everyone. Head back towards your temporary beach home with us and jump into the pool on your way inside for a quick rinse. There is no better feeling after a long beach day then the cool refreshing feeling that cannon ball will bring you.


After you have taken showers and cleaned up I am sure you will start to realize you’re all getting a little hungry. There are plenty of hot spots to catch a bite to eat at the boardwalk! Everything from Po Boys and crab legs to burgers and ice cream no matter what your appetite or what you are craving that night you will find it right down the beach from The Breakers. No matter where you choose you will have a beautiful view with every meal. Head over to Anglers and have dinner on the patio while watching the sunset. They have sand buckets that you can get filled with your favorite adult beverage and they even let you keep the bucket… I mean, why not? You earned it! If that doesn’t sound like your kind of night head over to Rockin’ Tacos where every night is “Taco Tuesday”. No matter where you choose, you and your family will most definitely be sure to enjoy a view that will leave you in utter shock for days to come.


Not feeling up to dining out? Our condos have full service kitchens. Imagine making your favorite meal and then enjoying it out on your private balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Either way, you win!


After your bellies are full and you see your day coming to a close take a walk on the beach and watch as you leave your footprints on a town that you will never forget and that will never forget you. A place that will leave you sunkissed and stress free. You will have so many laughs and have more memories than you will know what to do with. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your family’s new favorite memory. A vacation that will leave them smiling for years to come.