Bridal Necessities for a Wedding at The BreakersWhen it comes to weddings, beach weddings are still on the top of most brides wish list. A beach wedding not only symbolize a fresh start and infinity but they are also easy on your budget.


Now that you have decided to have a beach wedding on the beautiful Emerald Coast, what are your absolute must haves? Lucky for you, we have seen many successful ceremonies on the beach here at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach and are giving you a list of our top necessities.

  • Shoes are Optional. We have seen very few brides wear shoes as they walk down their white sandy aisle to the love of their life. If you are going to wear shoes we recommend flip flops so you don’t sink into the sand which would make for an awkward “here comes the bride.”
  • Light Dress is Best. Our brides really know how to make simple look extravagant. The beach brides at The Breakers usually opt for a lightweight dress for comfort and setting the tone of their ceremony. Some have even opted for a white sundress and their bridesmaids followed suit in a different color. If you decide to wear a long elegant gown be prepared for it to get dirty and possibly snag on a seashell.
  • Guests Dress Code. When sending invites to your beach wedding make sure your guests understand that their toes will be in the sand. Most of our brides ask for their guests to dress comfortable and be casual. We often see a sign by the end of the beachwalk that instructs the guests to leave their shoes there.
  • Weather. If you are a Summer bride be prepared for the heat. Most of our brides opt for a morning or sunset ceremony to beat the heat. Also, a good idea is to work with your wedding coordinator for a backup in case implement weather occurs.
  • Sunglasses. Should you have them or not? We have seen some wedding parties where everyone including the bridal party are wearing them. I honestly believe this depends on the time of day you have your ceremony. Remember, on Okaloosa Island, our sand is pure white and it reflects quite a bit of sun. If you are getting married when the sun is bright, your eyes will thank you for the shades, otherwise you can probably leave them in your condo.
  • Hairstyles. Everyone wants to know the secrets to perfect beach hair. We have found that most of our brides wear their hair up. There are many reasons for this. It keeps you cooler and if the wind picks up it will stay out of your face and out of your mouth. On occasion, we have seen brides wear their hair down with a wedding veil to hold it back. No matter the style you choose, hair products are highly recommended. If you have curly or straight hair, hair spray is a must. Remember, the beach has humidity, no matter what time of year it is.
  • Makeup. Keep it light and natural if possible. If you must wear foundation keep it light. If you wear it heavy, the humidity could have a negative effect on it and make it look “caked” on. Do put on sunscreen under your makeup. Unless you are having a sunrise or sunset ceremony and you won’t be out when the sun is in full bloom, then you will want to wear sunscreen. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner is a must. If you wear either of these items you will want them to be waterproof for two reasons. One, it’s humid out there and you don’t want anything to be running down your face, unless it is tears of joy. Speaking of tears of joy, that is reason number two.

Now that you know the essentials or must haves as I like to call it, for a wedding on the Emerald Coast, you can now start to successfully plan a beautiful and memorable day.  

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