Destin History and Fishing Museum

Photo courtesy of Destin History and Fishing Museum. 

If you love fishing then this is the place for you! Destin’s History and Fishing Museum is a must see attraction for all history buff and fishing enthusiasts. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10am to 4pm. Basic adult admission is only $5. The museum offers discounted entry prices for seniors, military and students.

The Museum has several unique exhibits that are worth checking out:

  • The inside exhibit covers the history of early Native Americans through development and growth of the village in Destin.
  • The outdoor exhibit includes the historic seine boat “Primrose”, the mullet boat “Lil Jimmy”, a seine net reel, the original Old Post Office, and  the “Footprints in the Sand” memorial walkway.
  • The museum also offers historic photographs, artifacts, fishing equipment and documents of early Destin and the fishing industry.
  • For science gurus this museum showcases why the fishing in the local area is such a dream and also educates you on the reasons why Destin’s sand is white.
  • The museum even offers genealogical data on the founding families and those that shaped the growth of early Destin.

These exhibits are exciting for both young and primed visitors alike. However, to make it even more fun this museum offers unique ways to explore the museum so that you can see things you may not have noticed before. Scavenger hunts are one option of exploring the museum, finding out where certain things are within the exhibits. You can also have one of the staff or a knowledgeable volunteer lead you on a personal tour, to learn what they know about the museum and its exhibits. You can also use your phone to create your very own personalized experience using QR codes. Of course you can also just explore the the museum self-guided on your own, absorbing all the information the museum has to offer. Don’t forget the family reunion option- group tours.

The rustic nature of this museum will draw you in to explore the history of Destin and fishing. With this museum being only minutes from Okaloosa Island, The Breakers is a great place to stay and enjoy this museum and the surrounding area of the Emerald Coast. Let the Breakers be your home away from home while you explore the Emerald Coast.

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