Fall Weddings

You’ve seen all the bridal magazines with beach weddings and might have a special board for beach weddings on your Pinterest, but what you don’t see are the elements of a beach wedding. Don’t get me wrong I love beach weddings, but I am surprised that we don’t see more beach weddings in the fall.

The fall on Okaloosa Island is pure bliss. At least it is for us locals. Our fall nights usually present a nice cool breeze and with the sweet smell of the Gulf of Mexico. During the day the temperatures are normally in the 80’s with a cool breeze. Even the sand is cooler and feels great between your toes.

So why have a beach wedding in the fall?

Because the weather is amazing. You won’t have to worry about you or your groom sweating uncontrollably. No makeup running and your toes will love the cool sand as you walk down the beach aisle to your soul mate.

Your guests will love you for the cooler weather. Did you know the average guest waits 45 minutes to see the bride walk down the aisle? That will seem like an eternity when in the heat, but not on a fall afternoon. They will be enjoying the weather, the sites of the emerald green waters and the music of squeaky white sand. Happy guests give great toasts and who doesn’t want that on their magical day.

We have seen on occasion those that choose to have a beach wedding in the fall have their reception outside. The weather is so nice as the sun begins to set, that no one has the desire to go inside. Of course, our brides are smart and rent out our association room just in case rain decides to rear its ugly head.

Now let’s talk humidity. Yes, it is part of our daily lives here are on the Emerald Coast but doesn’t seem to be as crazy humid in the fall. So, what does that mean for our brides? Less hairspray and less havoc with our bridal hairstyles that are perfect for a beach wedding.

If you are considering a beach wedding and want it to be as simple as possible, consider a fall beach wedding on Okaloosa Island. The weather is perfect, the backdrop is breathtaking and the bride will be happy. It’s the perfect beach wedding scenario.

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