Family vacation on the emerald coast

Family vacation. Always a huge debate on where to go and what to do. And if you have a big family like me it can be hard to please everyone. So how do you do family vacation the right way? Is there a place that can truly make everyone happy? Yes! The Emerald Coast is the place for you and your family! Don’t just stick to the same basic stuff you always do. Try and explore something new for a change. You will find your adventurous spirit and have loads of fun in the process! So here is how to family vacation the Emerald Coast way!

  •  The Beach. And a beautiful beach at that. You and the kids can enjoy hours of sand and sun on the Emerald Coast. Swimming, sandcastles, volleyball, and sunbathing are just a few beach activities that you and your family will enjoy on the pure sugary-white sandy beaches. Make sure to bring a picnic and snacks so there is no need to move to get lunch. Lazy beach days scream vacation and relaxation, especially on the Emerald Coast. Not only is the beach great during the day, but have you ever taken your children or grandchildren on a hunt for ghost crabs at night. It is a memory that will stick with them forever.
  • Plan Extra Activities. The beach is great, but we know families are looking to do things they wouldn’t normally get to do at home. And let’s face it, kids get bored doing the same old same old. So be adventurous on your family vacation and go on those extra excursions. There is more of the Emerald Coast to see then just the beach. It offers a variety of hiking trails, boating, and wildlife viewing. Keep it on the water with dolphin tours and snorkeling or stay on land with segway tours. Either way you are sure to see the vastness and diversity of the Emerald Coast by seeing it from all different perspectives.
  • Book a Condo. Yes, I said condo. It is different from what you may be used too. That is have loads of space and the perfect view of your personal Gulf Coast balcony. When vacationing with your family, a condo is the way to go. You have space to spread out so that you are not tripping over one anothers things or each other for that fact. Plus you and the kids will enjoy having your own separate spaces. Being fully furnished is a plus as well, making it comfortable just like a home away from home to ensure maximum fun and relaxation for your family vacation.

Check your bookings for complementary activities. By booking with The Breakers there is a list of complimentary activities to bring out your family’s adventurous spirit while exploring the Emerald Coast. Plus the comfort of a spacious fully furnished condo right on the Gulf Coast. It is everything you need and more to have the perfect Emerald Coast family vacation.

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