Everyone knows that Fort Walton Beach is an ideal vacation destination that is perfect for those looking to spend time outdoors. However, occasionally Fort Walton Beach will get some rain from the coastal winds that may put a damper on your fun plans. If you need some indoor activities to keep you busy, board games can be a fun way to pass the time. We also feature a variety of outdoor games that are perfect if you are looking for a little competition when the weather is nice. Take a look at what family Fort Walton Beach games you can expect:


The best part of our vacation rentals is they are all at one single condominium location. This means you will have access to community resources that can be enjoyed by everyone in your party. We offer full-size shuffleboard out on our patio court area. You may have seen these at bars and restaurants but much smaller in size. Instead, this is a full-size set where you can push discs with the shuffle sticks. This game is great for older children who will understand the rules and be able to physically push the discs.

Corn Hole

Another exciting game that can be enjoyed by individuals of any size and age is corn hole. Also known as “bags” to folks in the Midwest, corn hole is an exciting game where you toss bags filled with corn kernels or a similar medium such as sand into boards with a hole in the middle. Getting the bag through the hole nets you the most points, while landing the bag on the board works too. You can find this game near the shuffleboard court.


At The Breakers, you will also find a full-size tennis court available for play. Try out a singles match or bring a partner for a doubles match. Our temperate weather lets you play tennis during most times of the year.

Board Games

As mentioned, board games are a great way to pass the time indoors. Bring your favorite games from home and enjoy an evening of family bonding. Classics such as Sorry! and Candyland are great for younger kids, while teens may enjoy more esoteric choices such as Betrayal at Haunted House on the Hill, a supernatural thriller where you work together as a team to escape a haunted house—at least until one of the party members betrays the rest!

Experience the Fun Fort Walton Beach Games

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should select our vacation rentals in Fort Walton Beach. Call today and see which units we will have available for your stay. We offer properties of varying size, including our lovely 3 bedroom/2 bath condos. Pick out your favorite for your stay!