Hosting the perfect wedding reception

Are you starting to plan your beach wedding reception? It is important to find a space to accommodate the vision you have for your reception. You need space to host all your guests and somewhere classy enough to make your beautiful, themed decorations come to life. Here is what you need to host the perfect beach wedding reception. Keep in mind all of this is open to your own creative interpretation.

  • Indoor Space. Even though Florida beach weather is known for being sunny, it is also known for being unpredictable. Even if it says 0% chance of rain on your wedding day, you still want to have a backup plan. Having your beach wedding reception in an indoor area is usually a good idea.

Wedding Reception setup

  • Space for dancing.  What kind of wedding doesn’t have a dance floor? A dance floor is a must for the first dance and room for your guests to bust a move.

wedding reception dancing

  • Counter space. Having plenty of counter space will ensure that lines for food can run smoothly. Also it gives room to prep earlier that day.

wedding reception catering space

  • A Cake Table. Space for a cake table lets your cake shine and is great for memorable photos. The table gives you a chance to capture its beauty and lets everyone see the cutting of the cake.

Cake Table

  • Amenities. Save yourself the headache of having to rent all the chairs and tables and book a place that includes them. It’s also ideal for you to book a place that caters to brides. You can find places that will even give you and your guests booking discounts.

Of course there are many other elements to prep for on your big day. However, ensuring you find a space to host the perfect beach wedding reception will help ensure that your day goes just how you expect it to go. At The Breakers our banquet room includes all of this and more, not to mention it is right on the beautiful Emerald Coast. We would be more than happy to help you with your wedding preparations. Check out our free beach wedding guide to learn everything you need to know about having your wedding at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach!

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