Sure, you can come to Fort Walton Beach just to hang out and relax on the beach. But why settle for the mundane when you can have a thrilling outdoor adventure in the area? Here are some of our favorite outdoor Fort Walton Beach activities you can enjoy:

Have a Peaceful Stroll in Oak Tree Nature Park

When you first think of Fort Walton Beach, you are probably thinking of the pristine beaches which line the Emerald Coast. Unbeknownst to most travelers is that Oak Tree Nature Park in Fort Walton Beach features a quiet reserve with towering oak trees, loblolly pine trees, and even deer for the quiet hikers. The Loop is a simple hiking trail found in this quiet park featuring a .7-mile path that is great for a walk surrounded by nature. While this activity may not be the most adventurous, there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to take in the beauty of Fort Walton Beach.

Ride Around Ross Marler Park

When you ask a local what is the best beach to avoid the large tourist crowds yet still have access to all of the thrilling water sports in the area, they will probably tell you to visit Ross Marler Park. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the endless options to have fun on the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Nearby rental shops have access to the faster jet skis to let you speed around the water and hit those waves for incredible jumps. Pick out a fishing rod and try your hand at reeling in a big catch or bring a volleyball and challenge some locals to an intense match of beach volleyball. There is no bad way to spend a few hours at Ross Marler Park.

Book a Ride with Destin Airboat Tours

Don’t let the name fool you, as Destin Airboat Tours is actually located in Fort Walton Beach. You will be shown the best views along Fort Walton Beach by a knowledgeable tour guide. Ask any questions you may have, as the owner and tour guide can most likely answer anything thrown at him!

Best Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Fort Walton Beach

These are a few ways to have your own outdoor adventure in Fort Walton Beach. Stay in our beautiful vacation condos to have access to these outdoor activities and much more. Call today and see which of our exclusive properties are available for your next stay in Fort Walton Beach.