Book a condo for your next vacation

Hotels are not an ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation in. They tend to be stuffy and cramped, you may not get the view you want, and not to mention after being in such close proximity with each other tempers seem to become short circuited quicker. Sitting room is sparse and you don’t always get a mini fridge. I mean the list can go on and on. So why put yourself through such an awful situation? Why not book a condo?

No all hotels have these issues, as sometimes you just need a spot to rest your head. But for longer stays and a chance to get some peace and quite- we’ve given you reasons that you should book a condo instead:

  • Spacious: With a condo you get a more space for you and your family to enjoy. Depending on the size of your family, options typically range from one to three bedrooms, making your accommodations more homey. Also many condos come with a living and kitchen area, so there is space to enjoy each others company rather than be piled up on top of one another.
  • Clean: Condos tend to have a better reputation of being clean. So there is no need to worry about funky smells or things being broken or not working.
  • Fully furnished: Many vacation rental condos will come fully furnished and equipped with everything you need. So you have no need to worry about bringing your own bedspreads or dishes.
  • Location: Many condo rentals are purposely put in great locations. Whether they are right on the beach or in town. Many try to be located in prime areas to make your stay even more enjoyable because of convenience. Condos play right into the overall vacation experience.

There is no need to stress about the state of the hotel room you are booking. Why not experience condo life your next vacation and experience the difference. You will be more relaxed as it will feel like your home away from home.

At the Breakers there are condos available with one, two, or three bedrooms for rent. They are fully furnished, right on the beach, with your own private balcony facing the beautiful Emerald Coast. These spacious and clean accommodations are sure to make your vacation a better experience.

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