It’s Spring. Love is in the air. The sun is shining. The temperature is just about perfect. Our gorgeous Emerald Coast waters are glistening under sunbeams. It’s the perfect time of year to be on the Gulf Coast. While you are here, why not rekindle that flame of romance in your relationship? There are endless opportunities for memorable days and nights along our beaches, check out all the romantic things to do in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Starting the Day

Start your day off by making plans over cups of coffee on the balcony. Bask in the beauty of the views as the beach comes to life at the start of the morning. As the sun rises, dolphins come out to play. They’ll frolic and dance as the crispness of the morning gives way to warmer temperatures. Take a moment to smile at your loved one and tell them exactly why you love them. It doesn’t have to be a long list. Express your gratitude and fondness for making these kinds of memories with them.

Hit the Golf Course

Once you’re ready to get moving, grab those golf bags and spend the morning hitting a bucket of balls and practicing your swing around one of our beautiful golf courses. Could there be anything better than sharing a morning in the sun with your partner? Our beautiful habitat allows for some of the most scenic golf courses around! You’re guaranteed to have a good time and work up a huge appetite for lunch!

A Lunch For Two

Once you’ve put in a few hours on the back nine, head out for a tasty lunch. One of our favorite little local spots is The Gulf. You’ll enjoy a relaxed, outdoor atmosphere with amazing views and fantastic cuisine. We recommend trying the Blackened Tuna Reuben. For lunch, you just can’t go wrong in our area. There is an abundance of waterfront restaurants from which to choose for your amorous lunch date. We recommend trying someplace new for lunch, each and every day during your stay. We have several restaurants listed in another recent blog: The Gulf to Table Experience. Step out of the box and try something new for each meal. You’re on vacation!


Relax on the Beach

Now that your appetite is satisfied, start your afternoon off with a couple of hours in the sun. Grab those beach chairs, some towels, and your sunscreen! Don’t forget your sunglasses! Head on down to the sand and shore and pick a spot to set up your beach chairs. Sit back, relax, grab something cool to drink from the cooler, and just soak it all in. Enjoy that view! Take a deep breath and smile. Reach over and hold your loved one’s hand and go for a walk along the shoreline. Find some seashell treasures to take home as mementos. This is what the coveted salt life lifestyle is all about and it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Things to Do in Fort Walton Beach for Couples: Take a Cruise

Once you’ve put in few hours soaking up those rays, head on back to your room to take showers and change clothes. It’s time for your sunset cruise adventure aboard the Daniel Webster Clements Schooner! As you head off into the sunset, you will enjoy the beautiful sights of Destin Harbor aboard one of the last schooners in our area. They’ll serve you complimentary beer and wine, as well as soft drinks. You can toast one another as you watch the dolphins play in front of the bow of the boat. As the sun dips slowly into the West, you can share a smile and gaze into one another’s eyes. This is definitely a day neither of you will ever forget.


A Romantic Dinner

Upon disembarking, you’ll realize you’ve not even had dinner yet and you’re suddenly both famished. It’s time for some more romance and a little candlelight! Head on over to Waterfront Bay Cafe. Dubbed the most romantic restaurant in our area, you’ll find yourself delighted with the views, the cuisine, and an amazing outdoor dining experience. We suggest having their Duck Montmorency. Throw in some wine and a slice of their French Silk Pie for a fabulous ending to a wonderful meal.


Enjoy the Night

Once you’re back in your room, kick off your shoes, grab a bottle of wine, and head out to your balcony. Enjoy the view of the moonlight dancing on the Gulf while you talk about the highlights of your day together. As your day draws to a close, snuggle up close, and start planning tomorrow! You get to do this all over again! In fact, while you’re at it, go ahead and schedule another stay with us in your near future. It just doesn’t get any better than days like you just shared!