If your spring plans have been radically shifted due to the sudden onset of COVID-19, you are not alone. Unfortunately, travel across the country has been more or less shut down with many states putting out stay at home orders. The outbreak of COVID-19 is a serious situation but one that we can band together and make it through in the upcoming weeks. Take a look at some helpful information that the state of Florida and the CDC have issued in regard to COVID-19 in Fort Walton Beach.

State of Florida’s Response to COVID-19

Across the country, states are responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 very differently. Some states such as California have enacted strict stay at home orders, ensuring citizens are only going out for essentials. Other states such as Florida did not initially see the need for such drastic measures. However, Governor Ron DeSantis has recently enacted such an order, asking all residents of Florida to stay indoors with the exception of leaving for essential services. The governor’s response is a welcome sight as Florida has seen a rapid increase in the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

What is Deemed an Essential Business?

What is not clear state to state is what is deemed an essential business. Stay at home orders requires citizens to stay inside unless they need to leave for essential business. This can include traveling to your job, visiting the grocery store, and receiving healthcare. Additional essential services also include restaurants offering take-out and delivery options, banks, laundromats, gas stations, and more. Businesses such as gyms and bars are closed indefinitely. Any kind of business that typically congregates more than 10 people at a given time has been effectively closed. This includes scheduled public events and salons as well.

CDC Has Been Giving Advice Since the Outbreak Started

If there is one organization that understands serious diseases, it is the CDC, also known as the Center for Disease Control. The CDC has been doing its best to stay on top of the ongoing situation. Their findings have shown that COVID-19 can stick onto surfaces for over two weeks. This means you should continue to frequently clean surfaces in your home that are used often. This can include your bathroom and kitchen. Produce brought home from the grocery store should also be cleaned with soap and water. Cleaning this often can cause your supplies to run out quickly. Most stores have struggled to keep the shelves stocked with cleaning supplies. If you cannot find any, you can also make your own solution. Mix rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide with a little water for your own homemade cleaner. The CDC recommends a ratio of 70/30 with rubbing alcohol and water to effectively kill COVID-19 on contact. Anything more diluted with water will not be strong enough.

Keep Your Distance

Another important factor that the CDC has discovered about COVID-19 is that it can travel through sneezes and coughs. They have recommended that individuals stay at least 6 feet away from each other. This can help you avoid COVID-19 particles whenever visiting the grocery. Even though their recommendation is 6 feet, it is better to be safe and keep your distance even further if possible.

Watch Out for the Elderly

One group that is at higher risk from COVID-19 is the elderly. Individuals who are over the age of 50 or have preexisting conditions may experience even greater symptoms of COVID-19. Most other individuals should be able to get through the symptoms in two weeks and experience flu-like symptoms, but COVID-19 is much more serious and possibly lethal for older individuals. Make sure to watch out for older individuals around you so you do not inadvertently pass on COVID-19.

Support Your Local Businesses

Most communities have directly felt the lasting impact of COVID-19 Fort Walton Beach. Local businesses such as restaurants have adjusted to the impact and now offer meals for delivery. When hungry for your next meal, try to support local businesses. These smaller businesses are hurting more than big-name companies. You can find most of your favorite meals through delivery services or ready to pick up after placing an order online or by phone. Even local breweries and distilleries are offering the same with their adult beverages. We can all get through the COVID-19 crisis together by supporting one another.

Look Forward to a Bright Future

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, but we can get through together. Be sure to follow your area’s guidelines and help prevent the spread of the virus. And while travel is currently suspended, we will be here once the threat of the virus has passed to once again offer exciting getaways to Florida’s Emerald Coast!