Couple kissing on the beach

Beach weddings have always been seen as a naturally romantic setting to say I do. Find out why many couples are vying for the sand and waves over a classic church setting to exchange vows. Read on below to plan out the best Emerald Coast wedding.

  1. The Colors – They don’t call it the Emerald Coast for nothing. In contrast to the murkier waters near the Atlantic that are constantly churned up by the waves, the calmer waters of the Gulf leave the ocean naturally bright and beautiful. Called, “unpretentious, uncomplicated and breathtakingly beautiful,” Fort Walton Beach frames the brilliant green waters. These hues make for a naturally gorgeous backdrop for any event, so there’s no need to worry about ceremony decor.
  2. Calm & Peaceful – Typically, the Gulf Coast offers a gentle breeze versus wave-conjuring winds. That being said, the water is usually refreshing and family-friendly due to very little undertow and gentle slopes. In contrast, the Atlantic has steep drop-offs in many areas. Because of the lighter breeze, your ceremony isn’t in danger of being drowned out and your guests aren’t in danger of getting wind-worn. Not to mention, the spot makes for a relaxing and peaceful honeymoon spot.
  3. White Sands – The contrasting colors of sugary white sand to the brilliant turquoise ocean is so exquisite, you’ll never want to use your flip flops. Guests will enjoy how ridiculously soft the sand is, so you can set up that cute flip-flop deposit spot you saw on Pinterest, and you’ll look so great walking barefoot down the aisle!
  4. The Nature Coast – The Gulf Coast is also known for its plentiful wildlife. Some brides are lucky enough to have bottlenose dolphins playing in the backdrop of their ceremony, or make an appearance during photos. Additionally, all the beaches of the Emerald Coast are home to sea turtle habitats. Turtles that hatch in our region will return as adults to nest. During the summer months, you can see sea turtles foraging off the shore; typically these are juvenile turtles. Remember, these are protected animals that are very sensitive. Do not touch, harass or harm in any way a sea turtle or its nest.
  5. Sunsets – In case it needs to be said, nothing beats a Gulf Coast sunset. Most of the west coast of Florida is in a prime position for watching the sun sink into the ocean. The setting makes for an unforgettable and magical experience for both you and your guests. Heather Lee of suggests, “time it right so the sun will cast a soft glow during your vow exchange but it will still be well-lit enough so your photographer can get all the important shots. And as the sun sets and turns to dusk, you’ll still have enough light for fabulous post-ceremony group photos, newlywed portraits, and cocktail-hour candids.”

Not only are we your vacation destination, but we are your wedding destination as well.

  • Brides receive 15% off their accomdoations
  • Can accommodate 100

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