fishing in fort walton beach

So, you want to do some fishing in Fort Walton Beach? You’ve come to the right area. This area of the Gulf Coast boasts land in closest proximity to the 100 fathom curve, putting you in a prime location for some spectacular fishing. Let’s look at what kind of Fort Walton Beach fish you may encounter by dipping your hook into our Emerald Waters:

Spanish Mackerel: While drifting or trolling, spinning your reel is the best technique for luring this fish to you. They are one of the tastiest fish of the Mackerel family. They are easily fileted and can be prepared any way from baking, broiling, steaming, smoking, poaching, or frying.

Wahoo: These speedy fish require high-speed trolling, preferably with chunking. With a delicate, white, high-quality flesh, it is often enjoyed baked or grilled.

Cobia: Among the strongest fighting fish in the sea, it is also one of the tastiest. They’re called “Crab Eaters” for a reason. With crabs composing up to 70% of their diet, they’re best caught by shore fishing. Not very oily or flaky, this fish tastes best broiled.

Pompano: Easiest caught from piers or shorelines, cast on the backsides of sandbars. They favor crustaceans, so use shrimp or sand fleas for bait. Baking seems to be the best option for this tasty swimmer.

Flounder: Probably the easiest fish to identify while fishing in Fort Walton Beach, these bottom dwellers can be a bit tricky to snare. Try fishing around oyster reefs, channel edges, sandbars, or bridge pilings. Baitcasting with Mummichog usually brings in the best results. Baked and stuffed seems to be the favorite way to prepare them for some tasty eating.

Triggerfish: Another easy fish to recognize, Triggerfish may be small in size but they’re large in taste. Spinning and baitcasting with small hooks will bring you your best results. Baking, grilling, or frying will result in a tasty meal.

Amberjack: Sinking pinfish or any live baitfish will usually lure these reef-loving bottom dwellers. Be prepared for a bit of a fight when reeling them in. Blackening these fish in an iron skillet results in a savory meal.

Dolphin/Mahi Mahi: Trolling, drifting, and casting will reel these fish in. Pretty much anything goes for jigs or bait. Watch for schools and drop that line. You can’t really go wrong however you choose to cook these tasty morsels. Fish tacos are a local favorite.

Yellowfin Tuna: One of the most popular fish in our area. The yellowfin tuna offers a sweet, mild flavor. Deepwater trolling with ballyhoo will result in success. Sushi Steaks and Tuna Dip are the best known delicacies from this species.

Shark: Night fishing on the local beaches can reel in some exciting catches. Cutting up bait fish and chunking will result in bringing these guys right to you. Shark steaks must be prepared just right but can result in an amazing and appetizing dinner.

Blue Marlin: The most popular in sport fishing, these guys can really give you a run for your money. Deep sea charters are the best way to go for this hunt. Grilled marlin steaks will quickly become a favorite on your list of best foods.

Whatever you seek in this sport, fishing in Fort Walton Beach will be sure to satisfy. Don’t forget to check out our blog of the local fishing hot spots. Contact us to reserve your stay and start packing for paradise. Don’t forget to grab that tackle box along with your rods and reels. We’ll see you on the water!