holiday party fort walton beach

The holiday season is here and The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach is the place to host your holiday party! Florida’s holidays are a little different than what you see on the Hallmark channel.

Rarely will you see guests wearing the following:

  • Heavy sweaters
  • Snow boots
  • Winter Coats
  • Snow hats
  • Gloves
  • Knitted Scarves
  • Ear Muffs

When the temps drop below 70, locals will use this as an excuse to wear a light sweater and the UGGs that are collecting dust in their closet. But what does this have to do with hosting a holiday party at The Breakers?

About Our Party Room
The Breakers has an association room that can host a party of up to 100 people right on the beach. So no need for the winter gear. It’s not needed in our neck of the woods. The room is the perfect size for a company holiday party, family reunion, or winter wedding reception. Our association room has two doors that lead to the back of the property where our shuffleboard area is located. From there, you can walk to the breezeway and enjoy the beach. This is, of course, if you choose to extend your party to the beach. Just keep in mind your glass containers cannot leave the association room.

Many party planners choose to host their holiday party at the Breakers because it gives them that Jimmy Buffet holiday feel. Not only is it right on the beach at an affordable price, but hosts get to choose the caterer of their choosing. But wait, there’s more! Did you know that the Breakers doesn’t charge a corkage fee? So bring your holiday drinks, let your caterer enjoy the built in kitchen area, and have a jolly good time.


Why Choose Us?
Why else would you choose to host your holiday party at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach?

  1. Your party can either be formal or casual. Most of our guests choose the casual route, as typical winter clothes are not usually the norm for this time of year or this area. Plus, who doesn’t love a beach themed party?
  2. Guests are allowed to decorate as they choose with some minor limitations, like no holes in the walls. Basically if you can decorate and then take them down with the place looking like you were never there, then have fun with your decorations!
  3. No extra fees for table and chairs! You heard right, no extra fees. Some places in Fort Walton Beach charge extra fees for tables and chairs. We offer six and eight foot tables, both round and long. You can decorate the chairs and tables to your liking and set them up to match the atmosphere you want to create. If you need us to set up the tables and chairs for you, there’s only a minimal cost.

To host your holiday party with us, sign up here. We must warn you, we will fill up fast, because who wouldn’t want to host a holiday party with us?

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