fort walton beach winter getaway

How do you know it’s getting to be winter in Florida, Fort Walton Beach in particular? Simple, the snowbirds start showing up. Why do snowbirds flock to Fort Walton Beach? I’ll give you three reasons:

  • Favorable temperatures
  • The crowds are gone
  • The beaches are gorgeous

We love the snowbirds!! They simply want to trade in their white fluffy snow for white squeaky sand.  Let’s take a closer look at their reasons for spending winters in Fort Walton Beach:


  1. Favorable Temperatures: Our average high in November and December is around 75 degrees. With the brisk breeze off the Gulf of Mexico it makes for a perfect afternoon walk along the beach. The weather conditions are perfect for early morning or evening strolls along the white sandy beaches. The cool sand feels perfect between your toes.  Some of the snowbirds enjoy the water best this time of year because it is a lot cooler than what it during the hot summer months. You won’t find too many locals taking a dip, but you might catch a snowbird or two.
  2. The Crowds Are Gone: A lot of snowbirds choose Fort Walton Beach over areas like Miami and Orlando because the crowds are still there. Areas like Okaloosa Island are quiet during the winter months and are always family-friendly. So if the snowbirds want to bring the kiddos along during the winter months for winter vacation, they can rest assure they are headed to a family-friendly atmosphere. Also, the crowds might be gone, but most attractions are still open. Be sure to check their websites for winter hours.
  3. The Beaches Are Gorgeous: Of course our beaches are gorgeous anytime of year, but when you compare them to all the other beaches in Florida, we think ours are pretty top notch. On the East Coast the sand is shelley and not nearly as white as ours.The water is not clear at all, in fact it tends to be pretty dark. Now of course once you get to the Keys, and other areas along the Gulf Coast the sand is white and the water is crystal clear and either light blue or emerald color like ours. Although there are days that we have the light blue water as well. Some of our young guests say it looks like Kool-aid. We will take that compliment all day long. So our beaches are just as pretty, but remember what we said in reason number two? The crowds are gone! It’s like having the beach all to yourself! This is why the snowbirds love it so much.  


Now that I have explained the reasons snowbirds come to the Breakers of Fort Walton Beach; what are your reasons for escaping the harsh winter months?