Team Building

Team building is one of those things that is either done with success or epic fails. Failing team-building conferences are the ones that are all work and no play; they are basically boring and don’t give any real opportunity for your team to connect and come up with ideas. So how do you have a team-building conference that is a success and a good balance of work and play? Team build at the beach! Whether you’ve just completed a long project or have had a rough, yet productive year then treating your team to some team building is a must. Holding your next team-building event or conference on the beach is the best option.

Here are 5 reasons that you need for team building on the beach:

  • Morale Boost: Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Holding your team building event at the beach will ensure a morale boost and increased work productivity. The beach is the perfect place to boost morale and have a little fun.
  • Better relationships: Your team will become more of a team. This is a given for team building, however, when done at the beach there are ample opportunities for different activities and relaxation. Chatting with each other on the beach will give your team more opportunity to get to know one another in a less formal setting.
  • Idea generation: Clear minds come up with great ideas. As the stress of a busy year rolls off your team they will be able to come up with the next great ideas that your company needs for the next year. The sea will open up your minds and inspire you.
  • Vitamin D: The salt, sun, and sand comes with a long list of health benefits, besides just bonding. Plus the beach acts as a great stress reliever. After conferencing, head outdoors to soak up the sun and all its benefits.
  • Something for everyone to enjoy: From a spa day, to hitting the green, to morning walks on the beach, there is something for everyone on the Gulf Coast to enjoy while they are team building. There will be no debate on where to go for your next team-building conference.

These 5 reasons for team building on the beach are tried and true. Just breathing in the salty air can help your team relieve some of the stress they have been experiencing. At the Breakers we can offer your team all the amenities of home with the extra relaxing view. Why stay in a hotel when you can stay in a spacious fully furnished condo?

For the event itself, our event room can accommodate up to 100 people, with a variety of other amenities. Envision yourself on a private balcony sipping your coffee with the gulf coast view as you get ready for a day of team building. Then move to our spacious event room to begin your day of team building. Make your team-building event a reality at the Breakers! Contact us now!

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