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Dog Lover’s Journey To Fort Walton Beach

When vacation time rolls around, there tends to be that one family member that gets pushed aside and forgotten, and yet that same family member still greets you with happy kisses and wagging tails when you return. The most loyal member of our family rarely is allowed on our annual expeditions, always being punted to family members or the doggy camps provided by our local vets, where they miss us with all their little heart and soul. Well, we at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach think your next vacation should truly be a vacation for the entire family, and since many of our properties are pet-friendly, we’ve prepared this guide for your dog lover’s journey to Fort Walton Beach just for you and your sweet little Lulu!

Day 1: Welcome to The Breakers!

As you begin to unpack and your faithful fur baby explores his or her new surroundings, you’ll probably want a quiet evening to adjust to both the new time zone and the beauty of the condo that will be yours for the next week. Some needs, however, can’t be put off, so a walk around the grassy areas of the resort will be the perfect introduction to the town for your Florida dog. Don’t forget the leash and plastic baggies!

Day 2: Who Wants to Go to the Park?

We all know the answer to that question, and a visit to the Liza Jackson Dog Park is the first step in this journey. Located at 342 Miracle Strip Parkway SW and featuring an area for the big dogs and one for the small pups, it also has a water fountain to keep your furry friend hydrated.

Day 3: Dogs Need Retail Therapy, Too!

A new coat to make her feel pretty, a sweet treat as a reward for being such a good boy, a blingy new collar to make all the other poodles in the dog park feel jealous: these are real needs for your precious puppy, and 3 Dogs and a Chick is where they need to be! 130 Miracle Strip Parkway SE is where you’ll find all the above-listed items and so much more; the owner is a long time pet lover and she knows what your show dog needs!

Day 4: A Picture Paints a Thousand Woofs

Everyone knows that memories are wonderful, but you need photographic evidence or it may as well have never happened! You could set the timer on your selfie stick and try to take a picture where everyone is looking in the same direction with a happy smile on their faces, or you could gather up the family for some fun photos at Buster’s Old Time Photos at 300 Harbor Boulevard in Destin. Offering costumes for the entire family (Yes, even your own Buster can dress up like a scallywag pirate!) and the opportunity to pretend to be pirates, gangsters, or cowboys and bad guys for a few minutes, this inexpensive and pet-friendly is destined to be the highlight of your journey!

Day 5: This Bone’s for You- Fort Walton Beach is a Pet-friendly Eatery

After a morning of shopping and playing at the dog park, everyone is probably really hungry, and because you are visiting Fort Walton Beach a pet-friendly destination, Props Craft Brewery at 255 Miracle Strip Parkway SE has a pet-friendly patio where you and your fabulous fur child can eat together in harmony! They will even serve Fifi a plain hamburger in a dog dish. And because your four-legged family member is very obviously underage, you get to keep all the delicious beer to yourself! Click here a learn more about the Fort Walton Beach Tours!

Day 6: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

As you near the last legs of your journey, you may be surprised at how quickly and smooth this week has gone, but your time isn’t up yet, and we have yet another adventure for your happy Florida dog! How does a pontoon boat ride sound? If your pet is a small one, they are welcome to join you on your pontoon cruise from Destin Pontoon Boat Rentals, found at 102 Harbor Boulevard in Destin. Your day of fun in the sun on the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf is guaranteed to be the perfect way to wrap up your adventure with your pooch!

Day 7: Bark Once If You’re Sad to Go

You’re not the only ones who will be sad to go; we’re going to hate to see you leave! But on your last morning in paradise, as you sneak in one last snuggle on the balcony of your classic condo from The Breakers, we hope your thoughts are turning to next year’s journey and another stay with us—reserve it today!