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Fort Walton Beach Activities

Surfing in Fort Walton Beach

Each year thousands of vacationers descend upon the beautiful beaches of Fort Walton Beach, Florida and see the incredible surfers who take on the waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you are new to sport looking to try out your first time on a surf board or an experienced rider, you will enjoy some of the best conditions surfing in Fort Walton Beach .

Surfing in Fort Walton Beach

The Fort Walton Beach is considered to be a jetty break, or exposed beach, that sees consistent surf waves throughout the year. Surfing is one of our favorite Fort Walton Beach activities and this area is an ideal location to step onto a surf board any time of the year. However, the best time of the year to enjoy surfing at Fort Walton Beach is during the winter seasons, when offshore winds descend from the north. Winter is often seen as an off season in Fort Walton Beach, so vacationing during this time of the year will have you seeing less crowds. Typically, the waters around Fort Walton Beach do not get too crowded for surfing regardless of what time of year it is and the tides bring good surfing conditions at all stages.

Surfing Hazards in Fort Walton Beach

Similar to other sporting activities, there are a few hazards to watch for when participating in surfing in Fort Walton Beach. Always make sure to check the tide and determine what the current groundswells are at the moment. The biggest hazard to watch out for is rip currents, where the current flows away from the beach and can cause confusion among newer surfers. Sharks do frequent the waters around Florida but are often spotted very far in advance, making the potential for an attack to be extremely unlikely.

Surfing Lessons in Fort Walton Beach

Making sure you are ready to take on the tide is the most important step in getting into the exhilarating sport of surfing. A variety of surf shops take residence in and around Fort Walton Beach where you can find the perfect gear and get in some beginner lessons. Fluid Surf Shop has been in business since 1999, where owner Harry has been helping out the surfing community in Fort Walton Beach. Surfboard rentals start at just $40 per day! Harry also provides in-depth lessons to all ages who are looking at trying surfing for the first time.

Ride On Surf School

When you’re looking to pair your surf lessons with a savory moment or two, Ride On Surf School is linked to Captain Dave’s Seafood Restaurant in nearby Destin and is a premier area provider of surf lessons that cater to all ages, abilities, and skill levels! Ride On Surf School employs a number of certified and enthusiastic instructors who are excited to pass on their knowledge, skills, and love of surfing to the students they take on. While this surf school offers all of the gear you’ll need to make the most of time on the waves, if you happen to fall in love with a board or some of the apparel, it’s all for sale as well! In this way, you’ll not only be gaining a new skill set, but you’ll look Florida-chic and definitely fit the part out on the water. Captain Dave’s Seafood Restaurant in tandem with Ride On Surf School enjoy a location just 12 miles east of Fort Walton Beach and 3 miles west of Sandestin and not far from Okaloosa Island. This convenient destination means that as soon as you feel comfortable on your board, you’ll be in proximity to many of the best surfing areas this vacation destination hosts!

All-A-Board Surf School and Shop

Professional surf lessons are brought to you across Destin, 30A, and Santa Rosa Beach when you partner up with the professionals at All-A-Board Surf School and shop during your trip to the Fort Walton Beach area. This comprehensive company keeps safety top of mind while prioritizing fun and skills on the waves for students who need a refresher or are entirely new to the sport of surfing.  At All-A-Board Surf School, the lessons begin off-board with a look at how the ocean works and what to keep an eye on before you ever head out. Once instructors are confident their students have a thorough understanding of safety and water standards, the fun begins. This surf school provides Destin-based lessons or comes to you for a flat fee of $100 at your preferred beach. No matter where you learn, it’s sure to be a ride you won’t soon forget! The idea is that surfers experienced and new will leave with the skills that allow them to enjoy this sport at any beach worldwide going forward. If you know you’ll be in town for an extended period of time, All-A-Board Surf School offers camps for those looking to take their surf skills to the next advanced level.

The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach

Enjoy the convenience of a hotel room with the space and luxury of a private home with the premium condos available from The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach. Your home away from home in the city will have you steps away from all of the exciting attractions found in Fort Walton Beach. The ocean is waiting for you so contact us today to find the perfect vacation condo for your next adventure and to find out more Fort Walton Beach activities. We offer a vast selection of properties, including rentals for the 4th of July and Labor Day.