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The West building balconies completed project is ahead of schedule and should be completed by the first week in February of 2023. For more details on the West and Center building projects click the link below:
*****Construction Notice*****


The current rate sheet pictured is our current standard published rate.
Rates are dynamically priced and may change on a daily basis depending on the occupancy of the market.
Rates are quoted on a per night, per week or per month basis as noted. Rates are based on a specified number of people (4 for 1-bedroom, 6 for 2-bedroom, and 8 for 3-bedroom) occupying the unit(s).
The maximum occupancy for each unit is based on Florida Statutes and are as follows: 3 bedroom, max 8 people, 2 bedroom, max 6 people and a 1 bedroom, max 4 people.
These guidelines are set by the State of Florida. 
If the maximum occupancy allowed is exceeded, this could result in eviction from the unit and forfeiture of all monies.
Management reserves the right to refuse business to anyone.  Charges and rates may vary and are subject to change without notice.
***If you received the Military Discount, you will be required to show your ID upon check-in.
If you do not have this ID the 10% discount will be removed and your credit card will be charged