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The West building balconies completed project is ahead of schedule and should be completed by the first week in February of 2023. For more details on the West and Center building projects click the link below:
*****Construction Notice*****

Construction Notice


**** The project is ahead of schedule for the West building and is projected to be completed in February of 2023.


**** The replacement of the railings on all units is projected to be completed by the end of February or the first part of March.

NOTE: Weather could affect completion dates above


There will be a wooden stake placed in the door track on the outside to ensure the balcony cannot be accessed during the construction, for safety precautions. Once they have removed the railings from a balcony, the contractor will be on-site to install the new railing, then the Engineer will need to come back to inspect and approve before we can open the balcony back up. They will only be accessing the balconies from the outside and will not be going inside the units.