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Beginning November 2022 - February 2023, the West Building Balconies will be under construction. Click the link for more details
*****Construction Notice*****

Construction Notice

After the unfortunate collapse of Surf Side Condominium in Miami this past June, 2021 we had a thorough inspection of every part of both buildings done by our engineer. He reported both buildings being in good shape but the only way to test the integrity of the concrete’s condition of each balcony is to remove all tile and perform a sound testing. The Board is taking a proactive approach and will begin this project in November 2022 with units in the WEST building, as the Center building is completed.
Every unit in the west building that has tile on their balcony will have it removed then a sound testing will be performed on the concrete and finally prepped for a new coating that will be applied in a 3 step process.
We want you to know, the balcony furniture will be placed inside the unit and remain inside for the duration of the time they are working on the balcony. There will be jack hammering Monday – Saturday from 8am to about 5:30pm to move this project as quickly as possible. They will be doing the units by stack, all units ending in 01 and so on. When they begin removal of the tile, there will be plywood placed on the sliding glass doors and side windows to ensure the balcony cannot be accessed during the construction, for safety precautions. Once they have completed that balcony testing and/or repairs, they will then remove the plywood and you are welcome to enjoy the balcony then. There is NOT an option whether or not the balcony to your rental unit has to be accessed, and they will only be accessing the balconies from the outside and will not be going inside the units.
We wanted to let you know in advance to allow you time to decide whether you would like to still stay with us this winter. There will be jack hammering noise and a lot of dust during the tile removal part of the project.