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The West building balconies completed project is ahead of schedule and should be completed by the first week in February of 2023. For more details on the West and Center building projects click the link below:
*****Construction Notice*****

Latest Past Events

Winter Guest Fest

The upside to living in a tropical locale is getting to meet all the winter guests that flock to our shores every year. Friendly and happy people excited to get away from the cold and dismal weather of their hometowns, they are genuinely a treasure to meet. The downside to living where we do is having to say goodbye to all our winter guests and wait an entire year to

Wicked Triple Fun Run

Our real life often consists of working out, eating right, and doing everything we are supposed to do to ensure we live a long and healthy life. And then we take vacations where we sleep late, eat rich foods, and only move to walk to the next tourist attraction, pretty much guaranteeing that we ruin all the good we do the remaining part of the year! But some of our

Tricks and Treasures

Although the giant rush of tourist season has ended by Labor Day and the new rush doesn’t start until the winter holidays, October is, in our humble opinions, one of the nicest times to visit Fort Walton Beach. The heat and humidity have passed but the days stay just the right amount of warm, allowing our fall visitors to indulge in all the same activities they do in the summer.