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AJ’s on the Bayou

AJ’s on the Bayou

This restaurant probably exemplifies the vibe of our home town more than any other. Casual, laidback, and romantic when the sun sets over the water, AJ’s on the Bayou is a popular choice for a special occasion—or for a Wednesday, because even the most mundane of activities becomes a special occasion when celebrated at AJ’s!

AJ’s on the Bayou – Located at 200 Eglin Parkway NE

Built of wood, stone, and a cute thatched Tiki-style roof, AJ’s on the Bayou is easily recognizable with its two concrete lions serving as guard dogs placed right outside the door. Inside, large windows let in the light and views of the water, while an outside dining area allows guests to get even closer to the beauty they could see from the inside. Offering a friendly vibe and aromatic scents that will have your mouth watering before you take one step inside, you’ll soon discover why this beloved eatery has the hearts of nearly everyone in town!

The Menu

The seafood-oriented menu at AJ’s on the Bayou has rapidly become our favorite reading material, even managing to drag our teenage daughter’s attention away from their phones. Starting out with oysters served steamed, raw, or baked, we’ve never understood why they would need to offer any other appetizers, but we are so glad they do! The crab & spinach dip is a creamy delight served with hot tortilla chips; it’s currently our favorite, but probably not for long. We have fickle tastes and their fried pickles are looking pretty tasty! The menu also features delicious salads that can be made into meals, creamy soups that taste like your grandma made them, and an extremely large menu featuring specials from the surf, the turf, and of course, a combination of both. Offering Signature Sandwiches that include seafood po-boys, Southern Specials like shrimp and grits, Land Lubber specialties (steaks and chicken) and Seafarer dishes straight from the bayou, we have no favorites, but the Run of the Kitchen contains just about every seafood item they offer in one dish and satisfies the largest of appetites!

Leftovers Again!

No matter how hard we try to clean our plates at AJ’s, the large portions ensure we have leftovers to enjoy the next day. And when you bring home your own leftovers to your condo at The Breakers, we think that somehow the cozy décor and breathtaking views help to make yesterday’s dishes taste even more flavorful! Reserve yours today and enjoy all your meals, leftovers, and late night snacks in comfort and style!