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Clemenza's Fort Walton Beach

Clemenza’s at Uptown

Living where we are, we get spoiled. Between the beautiful weather, the stunning scenery, and the abundance of restaurants serving delightful meals, it’s easy to feel like we’ve hit the jackpot! Clemenza’s at Uptown is one of these great restaurants, serving high quality Italian food at reasonable prices. Authentic and delicious, Clemenza’s is destined to be one of many highlights of your Fort Walton Beach getaway!

Located at 75 Eglin Parkway NE #126

Built of brick and stucco, the outdoor patio of Clemenza’s in Fort Walton Beach is covered by a painted tin roof is a popular spot during the cooler days of the year. Inside, all resemblance to Florida décor disappears as the warm and colorful design instantly transports you to an Italian villa, with rustic walls decorated with the lids of oak wine barrels, brick archways that lead the way to small rooms filled with comfortable seating areas, the chatter of happy guests, and the aroma of the classic dishes prepared with precision and love on the premises. Friendly and personable serving staff know how to anticipate your every need without hovering, and separate dining areas for large parties allow groups of all sizes to enjoy a meal out on the town.

The Menu at Clemenza’s in Fort Walton Beach

Offering an extensive lunch, dinner, and wine menu (our personal favorite!), there is no way of making a wrong move with the dishes you choose! From bruschetta to crepes to pasta and pizza, every bite shows the chefs at Clemenza’s know their way around an Italian kitchen! Try fresh seafood crepes at lunch, veal picatta when you come back for dinner, or a handmade cannoli stuffed with chocolate chips and pistachios any time of the day! The wine menu doesn’t just list your favorite white and red wines; it also features a delicious martini list we’re currently working our way through! The Chocolate Martini is the one we love most at this moment, but we’re eagerly awaiting a sip of their Italian Margarita created with tequila, amaretto, and orange juice; we’ll let you know how it goes! Also serving craft beers that blend wonderfully with their wood-fired pizzas and wood-fired calzones that are large enough to last through two or more meals, Clemenza’s at Uptown can’t help but become your new obsession!

Hearty Meals Make for Plenty of Leftovers

The world is divided into two types of people: Those who live for leftovers and those who don’t. Whether you bring your leftovers back to one of our cozy condos or not, coming home to the warmth and welcoming that is an integral part of all our properties will be the highlight of your evening. Contact us today to reserve your condo with us today!