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Magnolia Grill

Magnolia Grill

For us it’s the history of the place we are visiting that reaches out and grabs us—visiting museums created from the homes of those who went before us, seeing what they wore, how they cooked, or even how they played. These are the things that make us want to travel and explore all corners of the world, but sometimes the magic and the mystery can take place right here in our hometown: The Fort Walton Mound that hides the mystery of the Pensacola culture, the World War II launch spot where cruise missiles were tested, and the Magnolia Grill in Fort Walton Beach. Today it’s a restaurant, but built in 1910, it was once the home of a family who lived, loved, and played right where you will be enjoying those sautéed crab claws!

Magnolia Grill in Fort Walton Beach – Located at 157 Brooks Street SE

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture what the Magnolia Grill looked like in its previous life. Not much has changed, and artifacts of what used to be decorate the walls. Painted in a crisp white with a wide front porch and diamond paned windows, this pre-Depression era home is cheerful, bright, and inviting; why not step inside and enjoy a taste of the food served there?

In addition to the incredible historic factor that comes into play when you make the most of a meal at Magnolia Grill, guests will find that this stop has a down-home atmosphere that’s welcoming and exciting! Magnolia Grill is a family owned and operated eatery that is built on a foundation of friendly service that sets the tone for a constantly inviting setting. Comfort is found from the moment you walk through the door, which gives guests the ability to really sit back, relax, and enjoy the flavors and fun that they’ve found in good company. The on-site staff is more than willing to help make suggestions dependent on daily specials and can suggest wine pairings to match a selection no matter what it may be. Whether you dine indoors or make your way out to the open-air patio to make the most of a meal, Magnolia Grill is a place where it’s easy to want to return time and again.

On-Site Events

Magnolia Grill’s role as both an historic stop in the Fort Walton Beach area and a beloved eatery makes it the perfect place for hosting exciting and meaningful events throughout the year. Depending on when you arrive in town and decide to make the most of a meal or two here, be sure to check the event calendar before you arrive. Magnolia Grill regularly hosts “An evening with” events as well as pancake breakfasts and Italian dinner fundraisers. If you’re in town during the holidays, you might want to drop by when Santa and Mrs. Clause come by for pancakes and take some gift requests along the way.

The Menu

The menu is varied and eclectic, offering everything from the aforementioned sautéed crab claws to Italian classics and seafood specialties! The well thought out kids’ menu is short but sufficient, featuring chicken fingers, spaghetti and meatballs, and fettucine alfredo—the basic food groups of any child under the age of 10! On the adult menu, Italian specialties such as Italian Sausage and Peppers with Marinara Sauce, Chargrilled Ribeye, and seafood of nearly every combination you can think of are all deliciously prepared and will fill your stomachs as they feed your souls. This week, our favorite Magnolia Grill dish is most definitely their Scallops St. Jacques served with fettucine alfredo, but stick around; we change our minds as frequently as we change our shoes, and next week our new favorite may be their Seafood Medley served scampi style! A small wine and beer menu is more than large enough to contain a drink that goes well with every item on the menu, and their espresso will ensure you won’t be tired in the morning, even if you’re not much of a morning person!

Nearby Attractions to Check Out After a Meal

Magnolia Grill is a great place to curb your cravings, but it’s prime location also means there’s an opportunity to check out local landmarks and attractions after you’ve had your fill. You won’t have to go far to find that you can enjoy some fresh-air time at nearby Fort Walton Beach Landing Park. This iconic city stop is filled with waterfront green spaces to enjoy as well as playgrounds for little ones with excess energy to burn. Take a stroll along the many paths that maze through the park and feel free to savor the sights as you explore at your own pace. Just across the water, it’s easy enough to book time with Powerup Water Sports when on-the-water fun is more your style. High-quality gear and guided tours are both available for those looking to capture the fun of an afternoon or evening on the waves.

Speaking of Beds and Other Furnishings

After that meal from Magnolia Grill, you may find yourself counting sheep in one of our tranquil bedrooms, and you will be doing so in style! Open up the sliders, let the night air in, and pat yourself on the back for choosing The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach for your vacation accommodations! Oh, you are still in the planning mode? Better reserve yours today before your dream unit is taken by another savvy traveler!