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seafood in Fort Walton Beach

The Shack in Fort Walton Beach

104 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

Fort Walton Beach, Florida


The culinary landscape of Fort Walton Beach is an exciting and everchanging one that has pleased visitors for years. Offering everything from haute cuisine to fast food and international delights, there’s a place for every taste and every culture. But the most popular choice by far has long been the casual waterfront seafood joint where the beers are cold, the crabs are tasty, and flipflops and board shorts are the dress code, and The Shack in Fort Walton Beach is one of the more popular examples! Open every day of the week from 11 AM until 8:30 or 9:00 PM, the prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Why not check it out?

Located at 104 Miracle Strip Parkway SW

From the outside, The Shack looks like most other seafood in Fort Walton Beach joints. Constructed of wood planks and offering patio seating on the water, the real beauty of this restaurant lies in the views and, of course, the delicious food served inside! The interior is casual, designed to make guests feel comfortable and a part of something special. You’ll find wood tables and chairs, wood floors, and picnic tables out on the deck. A full bar offers a drink for every taste: cold beer, smooth wines, and the sweet fruity flavors of the tropical drinks everyone falls in love with during their Florida getaway! The Shack may just end up being your home away from home, and that’s ok with us; we know you’ll be coming back to your cozy condo with The Breakers when the meal is done!

The Menu of The Shack in Fort Walton Beach

Seafood driven, as to be expected, the menu at The Shack is filled with all your favorite things: Bangin’ Shrimp on the appetizer menu, lobster crab cake sandwiches on the lunch menu, and steamed crab on the entrée menu. A kids’ menu offers a Shacky fried fish and fried shrimp dinner, but if your little “crabby” isn’t quite into seafood yet, it also lists the standard burger, chicken, and corn dogs! The dessert menu includes our Florida specialty, Key Lime Pie, and while we’ve had a lot of key lime pies over the years, and The Shack’s ranks up there at the top of our favorite list! Oh, and before we forget: If you don’t start out your meal at The Shack with a serving of their specialty, Shack Seafood Gumbolaya, your life will forever more be lacking something! The Shack offers some of the best seafood in Fort Walton Beach!

Before and After-Dinner Area Fun to Enjoy

It’s no secret that a stop at The Shack is bound to be a highlight of your culinary adventures enjoyed in the Fort Walton Beach area. This savory and vibrant stop is a fan-favorite amongst residents and visitors alike looking for the very best of seafood to enjoy. Whether you’re here for a full meal or just dropping by for a drink with friends, time at The Shack comes with the added benefit of proximity to area fun. Make the most of your itinerary by considering adding the following to the must-do list when you’re here.

The Emerald Coast Science Center

If you’ve just enjoyed a meal at The Shack with little ones in tow and you’re looking for a nearby stop that combines fun and education, there’s no better place than The Emerald Coast Science Center. Found at 31 Memorial Parkway SW, the science center is home to a full planetarium and a wide variety of exhibits that bring science to life through hands-on learning. Highlighting topics that range from the human body and animals to light, color, and space, visitors will find that this destination proves to be just as engaging as it is informational. The science center is currently open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Blue Water Escape Charters

While all of the land-based activities for fun in Fort Walton Beach make for an unforgettable stay, there’s something special about time on the water. Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the sport and looking to pick up a new skill on vacation, booking a trip with Blue Water Escape Charters promises to please. Situated at 104 Miracle Strip Parkway SW just steps from The Shack, Blue Water Escape Charters gives guests the opportunity to experience the best of deep-sea fishing alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Booking an experience with Blue Water Escape Charters puts guests in the company of professionals that hold licenses to fish both federal and state waters. This opens up the possibilities of reeling in everything from Triggerfish and Amberjack to King Mackerel or Mahi Mahi.

When you’re up for even more adventure, the team at Blue Water Escape Charters also provides dive tours. Get up close with incredible marine creatures and explore a world far from the shoreline with guides who know the way to one of a kind destinations.

The Best Part of Your Vacation

Coming back to one of our chic condos is destined to be the best part of your Florida getaway; reserve your stay with The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach today! Contact us now to learn more about the best seafood in Fort Walton Beach!