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Best Bakeries in Fort Walton Beach

It’s no secret that sometimes life gets busier than any of us would like. When schedules get out of control, regaining balance starts with booking a beautiful and exciting Fort Walton vacation. Here, the sun, sand, and surf are readily available to be enjoyed. Guests will also find that Fort Walton Beach is a haven of opportunity when it comes to delicious dining stops to check out! Beyond the many delightful restaurants this destination hosts, it’s also an oasis of flavor when it comes to delicious bakeries to discover. The following are just a few of the area’s best bakeries in Fort Walton Beach that you’re going to want to be sure to add to your itinerary when you next find yourself here. 

Best Bakeries in Fort Walton Beach

A trip to Fort Walton Beach is bound to come with a long list of exciting activities for travelers to enjoy. However, when you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth and you’re hoping to settle into a charming locale while you’re at it, setting your sights on Sugar Mill Sweets is always a good idea. Located at 913 Beal Parkway NW, Sugar Mill Sweets is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:45 am until 1:45 pm with bakery hours running Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 am until 2:45 pm. Sugar Mill Sweets is a great place to pick up savory menu selections to-go. It’s also a bakery that serves up lunch specials to its guests who are looking for a more robust dining experience too! Bakery specialties include everything from cakes and brownies to cookies and pies while lunch selections range from Mexican dishes and salads to sandwiches, soups, quiche, and house special puff pastries too. If you’re planning on ordering a pie to take away when lunch is done, the apple, pecan, and pumpkin all come highly recommended. 

The Macaron Chef

Custom cakes, lunch specials and of course, macarons too are all readily available to those who take time to visit The Macaron Chef the next time travel plans bring them to Fort Walton Beach. Located at 119-B Racetrack Road NW, this bakery is open the public Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. While healthy and savory dishes like hummus trays and Romanian eggplant salad all grace the lunch menu at The Macaron Chef, it’s the sweet treats that are sure to delight as well. Homemade macarons come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors while this bakery also takes orders for wedding cakes and party cakes too. They provide an array of pastry options that pair well with lunch selections like their smoked salmon Boursin or turkey cranberry and brie sandwich. This is a delicious stop you simply won’t want to miss! 

Bon Appetit French Bakery and Café

If your time in Fort Walton Beach has you near 420 Mary Esther Cut Off NW and you find yourself in the mood for some bakery favorites, enjoying time at Bon Appetit French Bakery and Café is always a delight. This taste of Paris right in the heart of Fort Walton Beach is popular with locals and visitors alike. The bakery is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 3:00 pm with adjusted closing hours on Saturday at noon. The interior of this bakery and café is designed with the charm of a European locale and guests are invited to order up everything from fresh-baked French breads and sandwiches to espresso, croissants, and a variety of French pastries designed to please the palate. In addition to delightful macarons, Bon Appetit French Bakery and Café serves up pastries that include chocolate raspberry tarts, eclairs, cream puffs, almond rum cake, lemon meringue, and tarte aux pommes just to name a few. Whether you go with a hazelnut Swiss roll or opt for the apricot sable, your tastebuds will be sure to thank you. If you happen to be dropping by for lunch, don’t leave without trying one of their custom-made sandwiches. Guests can pick and choose between fresh breads as a starter and then build from there. Meat selections include turkey, roast beef, salami, and tuna or chicken while cheeses range from provolone and Swiss to gouda and Havarti. Top off your creation with lettuce, tomatoes, Dijon and mayonnaise for a savory bite that will keep you coming back for more.  

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