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Harbor Docks Restaurant

Harbor Docks

We’ve said it before, and chances are you will hear us say it a thousand times more during your culinary tour of the Fort Walton Beach area: The best seafood in the world can be found right here in the panhandle of paradise, and Harbor Docks Restaurant is yet another fine example of how right we are! Opening for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays and staying open until late in the night (7AM through 11 PM) it opens at 11 AM every other day and closes at 10 PM during the week. It’s offerings of reasonably priced seafood and sushi will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Harbor Dock Restaurant in Destin –

Located at 538 Harbor Boulevard

Designed to resemble the classic fisherman’s cottage, only larger, Harbor Docks Restaurant simple exterior of grey and white clapboard only hints at the wonders to be discovered inside, but its spot on the harbor is a secret about to unfold! It’s the large deck across the back that is its most popular dining area; sit at one of the tables, watching the clouds roll in and rainbows magically appear on rainy days, or see the skies light up in a dizzying array of colors as the sun sets over the horizon. Is it any wonder that the patio is often the first place to fill up during dinner rush? Inside, however, is just as wonderful, offering an indoor/outdoor vibe that allows you to feel the breezes, but protects you from the rain or sun. Wood floors, chairs, and tables are simple and charming and add to the fisherman’s cottage appeal.

The Menu

Although you might think that breathtaking view is the star of this show, once you take your first bite of your Gulf Grouper Parmadine or shrimp and grits, you’ll understand the true superstar of Harbor Docks! Their fried green tomatoes appetizer shows off the Southern side of Florida and their thick and juicy ribeye will make your mouth water. Breakfast at Harbor Docks Restaurant in Destin is always a special family occasion, offering the hearty and filling Fisherman’s Special for the larger appetite, avocado toast for the healthy eaters, and pitchers of mimosas for all the over 21s in your group! Also featuring fresh and sweet sushi, a lunch menu with seafood and Thai specials, and a full bar to quench any thirst, your Harbor Docks visit promises to be one of the many highlights of your wonderful Fort Walton Beach getaway!

It Gets Better

It may be difficult to believe, but your day is about to get even better. Once you’ve taken that list sip of wine and wiped the crumbs off your lap, it’s time to go home to your piece of paradise from The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach! Relax in the cool quietness, revel in the views, and take a nap to help digest the truly excellent meal you just finished; it’s all possible when you choose us for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your stay today!