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The Neighborhood Café

Neighborhood Café

When breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, the search for the perfect omelet is an ongoing adventure, and although it’s almost impossible to find a bad breakfast spot in Fort Walton Beach, there are some places that bring the first meal of the day to higher standards of excellence! The Neighborhood Café is one such spot, serving reasonably priced breakfast, lunch, and brunch specialties every day of the week from 6 AM until 2 PM Monday through Saturday and 7 AM until 1 PM on Sundays.

Located At 417 Mary Esther Cut Off NW in Fort Walton Beach

While often maligned, the ordinary strip mall can be a magical place, offering everything from discount home stores to delicious little cafés that make your stomach happy, and such is the story with the Neighborhood Café. Found in one of our seemingly ordinary strip malls, the aromas that waft out onto the sidewalk make it stand out from all the other businesses. Inside, red and white checked tablecloths top simple tables, while painted trellises and a counter with bar stools give it a homey vibe that invites you to sit and stay for a while. In many ways, this setup speaks to a nostalgic time gone by and brings the best of it back to life with a touch of Fort Walton Beach style! There’s nothing quite like sipping a hot cup of coffee at the counter with good friends while watching pancakes get flipped right before your eyes.

Home country décor is all the rage inside Neighborhood Café, giving an air of comfort and warmth that radiates throughout the main dining room.  There’s plenty of natural light flow to go around thanks to large windows throughout and welcoming tables to choose from help everyone settle in with ease. The service at Neighborhood Café is notoriously friendly and the service is fast as well. That means if you come in with a real craving to curb, you won’t have to wait long to make the most of a delicious meal. Whether you’re gearing up for a day of Fort Walton Beach fun and want to energize in style, or you’re excited to refuel before the afternoon turns to evening, the Neighborhood Café is certainly a fantastic place to find yourself.

A Place Where Everyone is Welcome to Enjoy Great Food and Great Company

The Neighborhood Café offers up a laid back, and decidedly welcoming ambiance to enjoy whether you’re first through the door in the morning or swing by closer to brunch after a wonderful morning of sleeping in. Stepping across the threshold into the main dining room is designed to be a feeling very much like stepping into your own comfy kitchen. At the Neighborhood Café, you’re likely to run into a collection of locals and visitors alike, all of whom appreciate the cozy surroundings, friendly service, amazing fare, and chance to enjoy some good conversation with friends old and new. While families in town for a getaway appreciate Neighborhood Café for its vast and versatile menu options, solo travelers will find its an eatery where they can feel comfortable settling in and enjoying a meal too. It’s truly a come as you are establishment designed to bring people together over savory selections.

The concept for Neighborhood Café is one that was born by owners Richard and Ricky long before the doors to the eatery first opened in 2005. Today, Neighborhood Café has become a somewhat iconic stop in the Fort Walton Beach area and the fact that its family owned and operated only makes it that much more charming and meaningful for those that swing by to enjoy a delicious meal or two.

The Menu The Neighborhood Café

The food served at the Neighborhood Café is as far from haute cuisine as Fort Walton Beach is from Paris. Simple, fresh, and hearty, the dishes served here could have come straight from your grandmother’s kitchen! From sunrise specials that include our favorite Southern comfort dish (biscuits and gravy) to their homemade pancakes created with secret ingredients they won’t share and omelets stuffed full with your favorite ingredients to steak bagels, every dish is designed to not just fill that hole in your empty stomach but to feed your soul!

Offering white chocolate strawberry pancakes for those desiring sweet, chorizo omelets for those who live for spicy, and a special Mickey Mouse shaped pancake for the youngest members of your traveling party, there’s a simple and tasty meal for all patrons. Their hash brown casserole is a savory treat available for an added charge with any meal, and although they don’t offer any adult beverages, unlimited refills of coffee, tea, and sodas for those dining in help help keep their prices in the reasonable range! Breakfast sandwiches include grilled cheese and a sweet and savory Monte Cristo, and their secret homemade Belgian waffle was created just for you. An extensive lunch menu is filled with sandwiches both hot and cold, soups, salads, and seafood; if you want more details, you should probably go check out the Neighborhood Café yourself!

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