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Rockin' Tacos

Rockin’ Tacos

If we had our way, Taco Tuesday would not just be limited to Tuesdays. They are too wonderful to not be enjoyed every day, and we’re thinking the kind folks at Rockin’ Tacos would wholeheartedly agree with us! Bringing a spicy taste of the Southwest to the shores of the Emerald Coast, this popular restaurant is loved by all who enter its doors. Your vacation experience will be sadly lacking if you don’t visit at least once!

Rockin’ Tacos Grill & Tequila Bar – Located at 1450 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

You may not expect to see a neon cactus this close to the water’s edge, but it’s the perfect way to locate the Mexican oasis that will soon be your new obsession. Colorful and exciting and filled with exotic smells and tastes, Rockin’ Tacos invites you to come on by! The outside patio allows you to celebrate another beautiful day, while inside, it’s as close to perfect as you dreamed it could be!

While flavor is definitely a top priority when you’re looking to make the most of your dining experience in Fort Walton Beach, there’s something wonderfully refreshing about a meal enjoyed in a space built on a foundation of friendly service. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you decide to enjoy time at Rockin’ Tacos Grill & Tequila Bar. Here, an atmosphere of vibrant aesthetics and friendly service to match can always be counted on. This makes it an endlessly inviting place to enjoy time with family and friends, wind down after a day of Fort Walton Beach fun and definitely return to time and again when those cravings come calling.

The Menu

Obviously, Rockin’ Tacos Grill & Tequila Bar serves tacos, but we can’t even begin to count the number of different tacos they offer! From your basic Baja fish tacos to the exotic Caribbean lobster tacos that are a luxury for your taste buds, your favorite ingredients are bound to be turned into a taco! And if you’re feeling adventurous, may we suggest you try the Gator Taco? Yes, they actually use Cajun seasoned gator meat inside their house made tortillas, combining it with house slaw, green onions, and chipotle aioli for an innovative and delicious treat!

But tacos aren’t all that’s offered at Rockin’ Taco, even if they are obviously the headliner. You can also get enchiladas filled with seafood so fresh it was probably swimming around the Gulf only minutes ago, sizzling fajitas in a variety of flavors, and for the gringos who may be afraid of a little extra spice, the Rockin’ Tacos Classic Burger tastes of barbecues and picnics and afternoons with your friends and family. When you want to walk on the wild side, the Rockin Burger adds queso, chorizo, and pico de gallo for a spicy delight you’ll fall madly in love with!

And finally, the only thing that could make this Mexican menu any better is the impressively large tequila and margarita menu that accompanies the food! We are excited to make our way through the margarita menu especially; offering the classic Rockin’ Rita and many exquisite variations, you’ll know you’ve found your own personal paradise from the very first sip! El Mangolicious is our favorite, but feel free to try them all to determine yours!

Fantastic Flavor Starts with a Commitment to Local Processing

Rockin Tacos Grill & Tequila Bar is known and loved for its vast menu featuring fresh-caught fare. Guests often want to know how so many fantastic flavors can be found in one place and the team at Rockin’ Tacos would say it comes down to local processing. This restaurant prioritizes fresh fare by running their own wild fish processing facility which is known by the name Seafood Commissary. This wild fish processing facility is situation on the Boardwalk of Okaloosa Island. It’s prime location and efficient work makes it a popular hub of fresh food for not only this restaurant, but all of Rockin’ Tacos sister restaurants too! Deliveries are sent out from the facility to restaurants daily after being pulled from the harbor—what could be fresher than that? Popular options that get sent out and integrated into high quality menu offerings include grouper, snapper, wahoo, amberjack, mahi-mahi and shrimp just to name a few. This approach to dining makes the concept of sea to plate as authentic as it gets.

Be a Part of the Story

When you’re traveling somewhere new and looking to enhance your culinary itinerary, adding Rockin’ Tacos Grill & Tequila Bar to your must-try list is a good way to be a part of a greater story. This well-loved eatery has been known to be featured on some major channels and publications throughout the year, validating the fun, flavor, and time invested in enjoying a meal or drink here any time you’re in town! Rockin’ Tacos has made its way onto HGTV, been featured in Forbes Magazine, and featured on The Travel Channel too. When you dine here, you dine in style and can rest assured that it’s been tried, tested, and proven worthy of every flavorful moment you’re bound to encounter.

Ride Sharing Back to Your Vacation Condo Away from Home

With the fruity tart taste of your new favorite margarita lingering on your lips and the happy feeling of Taco Tuesday on a Wednesday lighting up your soul, the only way to end your time of taco adventures is with a quiet evening in your luxury condo from The Breakers. Reserve yours today!