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Big Red Truck

The Big Red Truck Catering

Every wedding is different, and as you begin to plan your destination wedding in our beautiful town, you’ll want to be sure your special day matches your unique personality. Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions filled with love and laughter, and sometimes, when people try for perfection, they end up with a solemn occasion that misses out on all the laughter. If your approach to wedded bliss is more casual in nature, if you want your guests to enjoy a big party with gaffs, mishaps, and laughter, the food is where you can set the tone; hiring the services of the Big Red Truck Catering company is the perfect place to start!

An Integral Part of the Big Red Grill in Destin

If you have visited the area previously, chances are you have seen or even dined in the Big Red Grill at 104 Harbor Boulevard in Destin. It’s hard to miss the big red establishment on the boardwalk, and its food has been winning awards for years; they are most proud of their Best of the Emerald Coast awards they have earned! Although Big Red could be a great place to hold your rehearsal dinner or even the wedding reception, if you have your heart set on a beach event or have another destination in mind, the Big Red Truck from the Big Red Grill caters! Voted Best of Destin (wow, they have a lot of awards!) and offering a massive menu selection all typed in very tiny fonts so as to be able to get everything on one page, your wedding day dreams of fun, laughter, love, and delicious food will come true when you choose the Big Red Truck!

Designed for You at the Big Red Truck

There’s no fear that your special day will be like anyone else’s when you hire the Big Red Truck for your catering needs. Able to go anywhere you are, they offer mouthwatering delicacies that include low country boils, fresh seafood, and even a taco station for those desiring a little extra spice on their special occasion! And if you really want to march to the beat of a different drummer, why not offer a choice of Chocolate Fudge Brownies or the famous BRT Banana Pudding in the place of a traditional wedding cake? Ok, we understand that might be carrying different a little too far, but both desserts could be a welcome addition to the best party of your life!

Honeymoon Hideaways

While we can’t compare to the magic of your wedding day, we can certainly add some extra luxury into the experience with our honeymoon hideaways! Contact us today to book one of our beautiful condos and to learn more about dining in the area.