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The Gulf in Fort Walton Beach

The Gulf

When you name your restaurant after a magnificent force of nature, you better expect that said restaurant lives up to its name, and The Gulf Seafood Restaurant does just that! Offering more than just a place to eat, this local favorite is a dining experience where you can hold the big event in your life, do a little shopping, or enjoying the unique atmosphere created with shipping containers! Open every day of the week from 11 AM until 10 PM, the menu is simple and the food is reasonably priced, making it fit easily into tight vacation budgets.

The Gulf in Fort Walton Beach –

Located at 1284 Marler Avenue on Okaloosa Island

We’re not sure exactly who coined the phrase, “location, location, location,” but we do know that The Gulf Seafood Restaurant’s location on the water makes it a popular dining stop on the island! Created from blue shipping containers that stand out nicely against white sand beaches, the structure is easy to see from almost anywhere on the island. A large patio on the water features prime views of the water, offering a pleasant place to unwind after a long day of vacationing. Inside, wide open spaces and simple furnishings work together to keep the focal point (water views!) the star of the show. Communal dining is the word for today, and in keeping with the Florida vibe, your dinner here will probably make you more than a few new friends!

The Menu

Simplicity rules on The Gulf in Fort Walton Beach‘s delicious menu. Fresh seafood, locally sourced ingredients, and fries cooked to golden perfection is a part of what keeps this place a popular one! You can’t go wrong with any of the daily specials listed on the board in neon colors, especially when ordering seafood! Grouper sandwiches, crab cakes, a big slab of brownie for dessert and much more mean every bite of every meal is better than the last, giving patrons something to really look forward to on their second visit. Live music performed by the best of our local bands makes a smooth accompaniment to the cold beverages, hot sandwiches, and sweet desserts. Closing time brings about such sorrow, but our guests still have something to look forward to!

End the Night in Your Own Cozy Vacation Escape

The meal may be over, but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy a glass of wine as you sit on the balcony listening to the waves crash against the beach below. Your Fort Walton Beach getaway will be an exciting one made all the better by a stay in one of our stellar condos; reserve yours today!