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Think Poke Fort Walton Beach

Think Poke

There’s a food trend crossing the country like a wildfire in the driest days of summer, and unlike other trends that seem to be nothing more than a flash in the pan, the poke bowl is here to stay. Think Poke is one of our favorite places to get our poke fix. On the hottest days of summer and the cooler days of winter, you shouldn’t be surprised to see us waiting in line for our turn to pick our pleasures!

Think Poke in Fort Walton Beach – Located at 73 Eglin Parkway Suite 106

As you’re out and about in Fort Walton Beach, enjoying another perfect day in paradise, hunger pangs can strike at any moment. Fortunately, Think Poke in Fort Walton Beach is easy to find, located in a strip mall right next door to the Verizon store. On the outside, the generic sterility of the building it’s housed in leads the way to the modern and clean lines of the interior design. Clean, simple, and offering a small patio area for outside dining, this local hot spot is cool and wonderful!

Making an experience at Think Poke even more satisfying is the fact that the service here is known for being particularly helpful and friendly. If you’re new to poke selections, the on-site team is more than willing to offer up suggestions and help when you’re looking to make the most of your first taste. If you’re experienced in this type of fare, be sure to ask if there are any special combinations to try that are unique to your stop! The ambiance in this eatery is decidedly laid-back and welcoming. Stepping through the front door, it’s simple to feel at ease and see why first-time visitors come back time and again for even more flavor and fun!

The Menu

For those who have never tried poke before (yes, there are still a few!) the procedure is simple. Step one: pick your base from a choice of salad, brown or white rice, or a combo of the two. Next, pick your proteins. Offering a standard few (oh how we love the spicy tuna!) and some choices that change on a monthly basis, you can also determine the size of your bowl at this step. The larger the size, the more raw fish you can add to your bowl; your only limit is your appetite and wallet! Step three brings you to the mix and sauce. Again, we love the spicy house sauce, but you may choose a blander version—no one judges here! Finally, the fourth and final step of the poke bowl process is picking your sides and toppings. From avocado to seafood salad, the selection is large and guaranteed to fill you up!

We almost forgot the most important part: dining on your completed bowl! Each bite is a wonderful combination of flavors and textures, created to your exact specifications and designed to bring a smile to your face. All this happy could make you a little sad when the bowl is gone, but the smart owners of Think Poke have that covered as well; they also sell shaved ice in all your favorite flavors and smoothie bowls that are sweet, healthy, and delicious. Don’t forget to save some room!

Plan On Incorporating Amazing Flavor into Your Next Event

While Think Poke is the perfect place to settle in when you’re in the mood for amazing Hawaiian fare but find yourself in the heart of the Emerald Coast, it’s also an eatery that can help make sure your next event is flavorful. Right on the website, customers can request a quote for orders that would be ideal when hosting a fun party, gathering or get-together. If you happen to have a birthday celebration, baby shower or reception coming up, having Think Poke deliver some of their specialty fare could be a great way to make it a memorable event that your guests will savor and won’t soon forget!

Nearby Places to Enjoy

When you’re craving delicious poke, Think Poke is most definitely the place you want to be. That said, part of the fun of coming here is the fact that this locale sits near other fun attractions and stops that are well worth checking out when you’ve had your fill. If you need to walk off that extra dish, consider popping over to nearby Ferry Park while you’re in the neighborhood. This sprawling destination is filled with scenic green spaces to explore throughout which walking trails are not hard to find. If you have excess energy to burn, this park hosts its own exciting disc golf course that can be enjoyed with family and friends or even independently. There’s also a tennis court to be enjoyed and plenty of picnic tables if you just want to relax in the fresh air after a delicious meal. If you happen to have enjoyed time at Think Poke with little ones in tow, Ferry Park hosts a collection of playgrounds for kids who have some energy to work off after a sit-down meal.

Need a Nap?

Even though poke bowls are healthy, chances are your eyes will be bigger than your stomach and you will be thinking about heading back to your condo from The Breakers for a nap after that last lick of your shaved ice, and we can’t blame you one bit! Open up the sliding doors and let the music of the ocean lull you into a restful sleep as the Gulf breezes kiss your cheeks and keep you cool. Reserve yours today!