For some people, Ft Walton Beach is just a beach. But for a person who’s dreaming of powdery, sugar-white sands and pristine waters, Ft Walton Beach is a small piece of paradise on the breathtaking Emerald Coast. And this isn’t just marketing hype.

Aside from the beautiful views and clear Gulf waters, there are many reasons you should plan an escape to Ft Walton Beach. While we may not be able to pinpoint why most of us love the beach so much, one thing is for sure: the beach makes us feel happy, relaxed and free. To understand the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of spending time at the beach, let’s check out three ways the beach is good for you.

1. Sand is a natural body scrub

If you’re looking for a great skin care treatment, a visit to Ft Walton Beach can help you achieve your beauty goals. As surprising as it may seem, the soft, fine sand of Ft Walton Beach is an excellent exfoliant for feet, hands and any other body parts that come in direct contact with it. In addition to removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin softer, walking barefoot on tiny grains of sand stimulates thousands of nerve endings in your feet. This induces great relaxation and a sense of well-being.

2. Sunlight, salty air and saltwater have great health benefits

Basking in the sun, swimming in the Gulf waters and inhaling fresh salty air have many positive effects on people’s health. While spending 15 minutes in the sun is the best way to get all the vitamin D your body needs for an entire day, going to the beach regularly will also improve your ability to fight off infections. The saltwater has unique antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that can make wounds heal more quickly and treat various skin conditions. Moreover, the Gulf water contains different minerals, which are fantastic immune system boosters. Salty air, on the other hand, can help with respiratory tract infections and respiratory problems. Going to the beach involves some sort of physical activity as well. Whether you’re just walking or you’re swimming, surfing, playing beach volleyball or jogging, different activities will keep your body fit.

3. The beach can make you happy

Numerous studies have shown that sunlight exposure increases the levels of serotonin – one of the so-called happiness hormones. Boosting serotonin levels has a positive effect on stress, sleep and appetite. Also, all that nature and beauty that surrounds you together with the soothing waves which gently lap and crash against the shore can help you relax, get out of “work mode”(finally!) and reconnect with yourself.

Since hitting the beach has endless benefits, the best piece of advice I can give you is to escape to Ft Walton Beach with your family as often as you can. And since it’s almost impossible to lie idle on the beach with so many things to do and see around Ft Walton Beach, feel free to contact us at The Breakers. From spending a memorable golf, tennis or spa day to swimming in our pool, going on a dolphin cruise, snorkeling in Destin or hitting the greens, we have something for anyone who wants to spend some quality time exploring the beautiful Gulf Coast.