Fall destinations

Fall isn’t just for pumpkins and hay rides anymore. It is a time to take a break and getaway, especially for those who didn’t get a break over the summer, or those who can’t handle the heat. It is the perfect time for you to schedule your getaway. But where is the perfect fall getaway? In the Panhandle of Florida of course.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

  • The crowds are gone: As the summer fades and fall begins to creep in, much of the crowds begin to dissipate. You can enjoy yourself without having to deal with crowds heading out to the beach each morning. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beach as you sit and soak up the sun and breathe in the salty air.
  • It’s just beginning to cool down: The temperatures become a little more bearable. While it is still warm you no longer feel like you are going to suffer from heat exhaustion when you step outside. Florida in the fall is still warm enough to sit out on the beach, but not too hot to the point that you melt while setting up your umbrella.
  • The scenery is still amazing: The sunsets and sunrises in the fall are breathtaking. The same beautiful scenery is available in the fall as it is in the summer. Sunsets are best enjoyed on a balcony with your beverage of choice in hand. It fully captures the definition of relaxation. Walks on the beach were never more relaxing than in the fall. The Panhandle offers some of the most beautiful beach scenes, as it is coined the emerald coast.
  • Seafood is still fresh: The food is still great and freshly caught. One of the best parts of vacationing is indulging yourself a little bit. In the Panhandle the seafood is abundant and there will be no regrets in getting that dessert.
  • Special events: Fall in the Panhandle is full of special events. Live like a local when you visit the Panhandle in the fall. Some of the events include live music, art walks, wine tastings, and more.

Fall can be a relaxing time of the year. Who says you only have to vacation in the summer? So we are here to point you in the right direction to have the most relaxing fall ever. That direction is towards the panhandle of Florida. The beach is calling your name for the perfect fall getaway. It’s possible at the Breakers. Make Fort Walton Beach be your fall destination. With accommodations at the Breakers, you won’t be sorry.

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