The Best Beach Activities

It’s easy to see why we love the beach. I mean it’s in our backyard. With the sand, sun, and ocean breeze it’s hard not to fall in love with beautiful Okaloosa Island! There are so many things to do in Fort Walton Beach to be done at the beach. We asked our fans what their favorite beach activities were and we picked the top 10.

  • Listening to the Waves. Just sit, close your eyes, and listen.
  • Walking on the Beach. This is a great way to take it all in from all angles.
  • Cooking Out. It is always a good time when you fire up the grill, but the beach atmosphere makes it 10x better.
  • Sun Tanning. Get that well deserved dose of vitamin D, then go home with a golden complexion.
  • Surf Fishing. Get the poles out and hook some fish!
  • Reading. Grab a great book and favorite chair. Don’t forget the umbrella or sunglasses. You are bound to get lost in a good book when sitting on the beach!
  • Playing in the Sand. This is fun for the kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t like digging holes, building sand castles or the famous-let’s bury one another. (heads exposed of course)
  • Looking for Seashells. Seashell seashells by the seashore! Find something beautiful and unique right on the beach. It is the perfect souvenir to take home with you.
  • Kicking back in a Beach Chair. Need we say more? This is the perfect way to enjoy everything the beach has to offer.
  • Watching the Sunset. Sitting on the beach at sunset is amazing. You feel the sand cool as you listen to the waves lapping on the beach.

There are many other activities the beach has to offer as well. Feel free to share your favorite beach activity with us if it isn’t listed. At The Breakers we cater to the full vacation experience and want you to get the most from your time with us.

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