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Beach Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach Beaches Journey

To the uninformed, every beach may look the same, but when you take the time to really examine the different beaches throughout the world, differences will appear. Some may be tiny, such as the color of the sand appearing off-white instead of snow-white, and others will be major; the long wooden pier at your favorite beach may not exist at the one in the next town! When you are ready to follow the path of a beach journey to various Fort Walton Beach beaches, you’ll have our staff at The Breakers standing behind the scenes, directing you to our favorite beaches! Take that extra moment and really explore. Your journey starts now, as we offer you a guide to the beaches in the area! Visit them in the order we display or go rogue and make your own itinerary—all we ask is you visit them all!

Day 1: Staying Close to Home

The first step of your journey will take you the shores that are located just outside your door. After a long day of travel, who can blame you for not wanting to go far? Unpack your bikini and follow the path to the sugary white sands that never cease to amaze! Palm trees and a wooden boardwalk lead the way to sights so beautiful you’ll never want to leave! Did you know that the white sand comes from quartz particles carried down from the Appalachian Mountains?

Day 2: John Beasley Park, 1550 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

Not all Fort Walton Beach beaches are created equal. Some are merely plots of sand surrounded by palm trees or oak trees, while others offer services. Take the John Beasley Park beach, for example. Offering picnic pavilions, changing rooms, showers, and a snack bar, this exquisite park has everything you need for an exciting day in the Gulf! Beach wheelchairs are available on a first come, first serve basis, allowing everyone the opportunity to play here!

Day 3: Gulf Islands National Seashore, 1 Gulf National Sea Shore Drive

Run by the National Park Services, this sweet stretch of beach is clean and lovely and filled with beautiful shells. Shell seekers will get lost in their favorite activity as they walk along the shores, head down, seeking the perfect and the unusual, and everyone will be happy to find restrooms and parking that is close by. May 1st is the beginning of turtle nesting season, so stay away from marked areas, and never use light in nesting areas at night; for successful hatching, turtles need the darkness of the night! Click here to learn more about the Seablaster Dolphin Tours!

Day 4: East Pass (Destin)

East Pass is actually two beaches along the side of the jetties that lead out into the depths and is considered a good snorkeling beach; the jetties offer nooks and crevices where the most colorful and interesting fish and sea creatures love to hide! This beach is a great spot to watch the Gulf traffic glide serenely by and is actually a landmark that first brought attention to Destin. Some of us still remember when nobody had heard about Destin, and sometimes we miss those days—life was a lot simpler then!

Day 5: Noriega Point

Also in Destin, this is one of the few beaches in the area that is NOT on the Gulf of Mexico, but that’s not all that makes it unique. Favored by kayakers and paddleboarders, the dunes, sea oats, and wooden fences found here also make it a popular spot for photography buffs. The scenery is so beautiful that everyone wants to capture a shot! The Destin Water Taxi makes a stop here, making access simple.

Day 6: Beach-Fort Walton Beach Landing Park, 139 Brooks Street SE

Give a kid a bucket, a shovel, and a beach full of sand and they will be content for hours at a time. Add in a playground and a small climbing wall and they will never want to leave! The beach Fort Walton Beach Landing Park is every child’s dream and is frequently the spot to go to for free music concerts and the much beloved Billy Bowlegs Parade held every year. This year’s festival and the parade will be held May 31st through June 3rd, making it the perfect time to conduct your beach journey!

More Fun to Add to the Itinerary for Your Beach-Bound Getaway

Time spent under the sun and with your toes dug into the chalk-white sand is never wasted, particularly when your beach-focused getaway brings you to Fort Walton Beach. This beautiful and inviting destination is loved by beach hoppers from across the map and globe, offering up the options you crave and the sunny results you’ve been searching for. Whether you focus your beach time exclusively on Fort Walton Beach or make the most of time in nearby Destin as well, afternoons on the sand can always be paired with on-the-water fun to make even more of the adventure. When you’re looking for some routes to getting out on the waves when it’s time to cool off, there are definitely plenty to choose from in this area.

Power Up Watersports

Located at 1201 A Miracle Strip Parkway SE in Fort Walton Beach, Power Up Watersports is a one-stop-shop for all things on the water fun when you’re in this area. While working on that golden tan is a must, getting out on the water is just as fun and the team at Power Up Watersports has the gear you’ll need to maximize the experience. This company offers rentals in the way of pontoon boats, jet skis, and wave runners but is also happy to help you book a spot on one of their dolphin spotting tours or a trip over to Crab Island. Power Up Watersports is open to the public daily between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.

True Blue Pontoon Rental

When you’re hoping to make it a tranquil day on the waves enjoyed at your own pace, or you can’t wait to get out and enjoy a part on the water with friends, renting a pontoon boat with True Blue Pontoon Rental makes it easier than ever. Located at 54 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, True Blue Pontoon offers up quality pontoon boats that also include plenty of storage space for snorkel gear, coolers, floats, and more! As easy to maneuver as they are safe on the water, renting with True Blue lets you customize your journey on the waves to meet your every need.

Pelican Adventures

Headquartered at 314 Harbor Boulevard, Pelican Adventures is a Destin-based outdoor recreation company that provides guests with options to enjoy everything from parasailing and party boat fishing to guided snorkeling adventures. Whether you’re looking for a sky-high perspective on the beaches this area hosts, or you can’t wait to get up close to sea turtle, the team at Pelican Adventures provides the options to match your interests.

Day 7: You’ll Be Back

Now that you’ve had a taste of the beaches in the area and all the things that make them different, you won’t be able to stay away! And because our condos at The Breakers have added to the experience, we’re willing to bet you’ll be wanting to stay with us again during your next journey. Reserve your stay with us today before someone else gets your favorite vacation home away from home!