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Florida in Fall

Fall Journey To Fort Walton Beach

If you’re planning a fall journey to our favorite Gulf town, you might expect it to be a little different than the falls you are used to. Palm trees stay green year-round, as do most of the other plants and trees. Fall in Florida is beautiful. As a matter of fact, the main difference between fall and the other seasons is the slight coolness you’ll feel in the air and the smell of pumpkin spice everything that seems to be wafting through the streets! In any case, this guide to the adventures and activities you can experience on your fall journey to Fort Walton Beach ensures that magical memories will be made during your stay in our beachside condos!

Day 1: Settling In

As you settle into your Breakers vacation home away from home, one of the first things you may notice is the quiet. Fall is off-season here in the panhandle, allowing you to escape the crowds and enjoy your stay even more. Tonight, however, your journey will involve nothing more strenuous than opening a bottle and walking the few steps to your balcony; you’ll need your rest for the week that lies ahead! Check out various fun activities to do with your family!

Day 2: The Need for Speed

Your journey to Florida in fall starts with an adventurous day on the water as you zip around the Gulf on a high-powered jet ski, feeling the speed and the power in your soul! And because we’re almost positive you didn’t pack your own in your carryon, a visit to Power Up Watersports at 1201B Miracle Strip Parkway SE, is the first step in today’s journey. They have jet ski rentals at reasonable prices, and for those who are a little unsure of their jet ski skills but still want to try it, a WaveRunner dolphin tour is offered, allowing our guests the opportunity to water ski with a guide and some friendly dolphins! Click here and see how you can book a Fort Walton Beach Boat Tour!

Day 3: If the Calendar Says October- Florida in Fall

While not everyone’s journey will bring them to Fort Walton Beach in October, the ones that don’t will be very sad. The Destin Seafood Festival comes to town on October 6th through the 8th and as always promises to be a very delicious time! Held at the Harbor Walk Boardwalk, and in the harbor as well, this two-day festival brings a fishing competition, live entertainment, fireworks, and of course, a huge variety of sweet treats from the sea! Celebrating everything seafood, your journey won’t be complete until you break open your first crab leg!

Day 4: Take a Hike

Now that the sultry heat of summer has passed, fall in Florida is the perfect time to take a hike along any of the trails in the area, or simply take a walk on the beach in the softer sand if you want to work on your leg strength! Turkey Creek Nature Trail in nearby Niceville is where you’ll find one of our favorite trails. With a boardwalk leading hikers along a tannic stream, through a floodplain forest, and past a bayhead swamp, it’s also a great trail for observing wildlife and watching the birds!

Day 5: Flight of the Butterflies

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch the lovely butterfly as it flits back and forth from flower to flower, doing its part to contribute to the circle of life? Gentle and delicate, these colorful creatures are one of Mother Nature’s finest art pieces, and when you visit in the fall, you can witness thousands of them as they start their winter migration! Destin and Fort Walton Beach are a popular pit stop on their journey to their ultimate destination of Mexico. Did you know that the monarch butterfly is the only insect that migrates? Well, now you do!

Day 6: On Your Last Night

The days have flown by and your fall journey has almost reached its conclusion, and on this, your last night, you can cap off a great week with an even better dinner! Louisiana Lagniappe, located at 775 Gulf Shore Drive, has been a Destin and Fort Walton Beach tradition since they first opened their doors all the way back in 1984. Serving fresh seafood with a Creole twist, accompanied by breathtaking views of the harbor, this spot has been earning accolades for more than a couple of decades!

Day 7: As you Say Your Goodbyes

Packing to go home is always the most dreaded part of any journey, but as you tuck your souvenirs into an already full suitcase, the smile on your face will take up permanent residence. This trip in one of our condos has offered the most perfect memories, and you know you’ll be coming back. Now is the best time to reserve your condo at The Breakers for your next getaway; you don’t want to miss out on the perfect place!