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Fishing Journey to Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, with phenomenal catches to be had all year long. Below, we’ve put together a day to day Fort Walton beach fishing guides to the ultimate fishing trip in Fort Walton Beach. Pick up a local fishing license or ask your charter guide if they provide licenses, then get started!

Day 1: Pier Fishing

Just across Choctawhatchee Bay from Fort Walton Beach is Okaloosa Island, home to the famous Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier. Here, you can catch a variety of fish close to shore, from tarpon and king mackerel to cobia and tuna. The pier also has a tackle shop and concessions on site if you’re looking for equipment recommendations in your Fort Walton beach fishing guides.

Day 2: Inshore Fishing

Whether you decide to fish from the beach, the marina, or aboard an inshore fishing boat, inshore fishing is a fun and relaxing experience. Close offshore trolling is another popular form of inshore fishing. Charters like Rusty Anchor offer both gulf inshore fishing and bay sport trolling.

Day 3: Bow Fishing

Bow fishing is an exciting fishing technique where anglers use special archery equipment to shoot and reel in their fish. Panhandle Fishing Charters offers bow fishing trips in Choctawhatchee Bay, both day and night.

Day 4: Bay Fishing

Choctawhatchee Bay and other bays in the Destin area have a wealth of fishing for you to enjoy, and a variety of ways for you to fish. From flounder gigging to bow fishing, to catch and release charters, bay fishing with companies like Panhandle Fishing Charters is a wonderful experience.

Day 5: Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is the pinnacle of Florida fishing, especially in Fort Walton Beach and the Panhandle region. There are a ton of offshore fishing charters, but Rusty Anchor, Panhandle Fishing Charters, and One Shot Charters are all great choices.

Day 6: Deep Sea Fishing

While deep sea fishing is a type of offshore fishing, there’s a huge difference in the depth you’re fishing at and the types of fish you catch while deep sea fishing. Charters like One Shot Charters can get you into the deep waters and help you catch species such as swordfish, trigger fish, amberjack, sharks, and more.

Day 7: Surf Fort Walton Beach Fishing

Surf fishing from the beach is a fun way to wrap up your Fort Walton beach fishing trip, allowing you to enjoy the water and the angling at the same time before heading home. When surf fishing in Fort Walton Beach, you’ll want to use a heavy, long spinning rod with a strong braided line and leader, using as much weight as you can. Dropper-rigs, Carolina rigs, and pompano rigs are also helpful, as are pyramid sinkers, bank sinkers, and slip sinkers.

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