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Florida Wellness

Health And Wellness Journey To Fort Walton Beach

How many times over the years have you heard yourself say, “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!” upon your return from any of the fabulous vacation spots you were visiting? While vacations are designed to get you out of your head and away from the stresses of everyday life, we often cram them with activities, adventures, and events until we are exhausted, drained, and ready to sleep for a week. This year, however, instead of a vacation, you’re taking a journey of health and wellness to Fort Walton Beach. This year, your journey is going to be all about you!

Day 1: Feel the Tensions Ease- Florida Wellness

You’ve traveled most of the day, spending your hours in cramped spaces, breathing other’s oxygen, and feeling your stress levels rise, but now that you’ve reached your beachfront condo at The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach, you can already feel the tension easing. As you go about your business of unpacking and exploring the luxury amenities we offer, take a few moments to go out on the balcony and just breathe—breathe out all the bad mojo and horrible travel experiences, and breathe in fresh ocean breezes and good karma. They say a journey begins with a single step, and you’ve just taken yours!

Day 2: Water Therapy

The theory of evolution shows how we came from water and perhaps that explains the attraction we feel towards great bodies of water; it is in our DNA. Whatever the reason, nothing clears the mind and fills our souls more than a day at the ocean, so on day two of your journey we are going to the beach to enrich our bodies with some Florida health. Bring a beach blanket, an umbrella, and if you need to keep your mind occupied, a good book to read. Today, the most strenuous activity you will participate in is floating on your back in the clear waters, feeling the sun’s rays kiss your face and the cool saltiness below you. Today is about the sun, peace, and the salty water, and when you return to the sugary white sand beach, take a moment and practice your breathing again.

Day 3: What SUP with You

Day three brings us back to the beach for a water therapy of a different kind. Stand-up paddleboarding is an ancient art that has become the newest craze, and SUP Express, located in Destin, is going to be your partner in wellness. Offering tours (including a night SUP experience that amps up the calming factor!), rentals, and instructions, your every SUP need will be met with a visit here! And because stand-up paddleboarding works out the body as it provides a peaceful meditative experience for the mind, you’ll be doing your body twice as much good!

Day 4: Outer Beauty and Inner Peace

No health and wellness journey would be complete without a trip to a spa, and the Beverly Hills Day Spa found at 114 Palmetto Suite 6 in Destin offers an award-winning day of pampering! Offering everything from mani/pedis to skin care to couples massage, you’ll be sure to find your inner peace as they work on your outer beauty. And remember, peace of mind can come from looking good, so go ahead and splurge with that pedicure after your massage; pretty toes makes the soul feel good. Click here to learn more about our spa treatments.

Day 5: Walk Away Your Worries

Sometimes all you need to feel better about yourself is a simple walk, and if that walk happens to take you along the shores of the Gulf, even better! Every journey needs a bit of compromise, so today is a free day—just be sure to start and end it with a casual stroll along water’s edge. Feel the waves splashing against your toes, smell the salty beach air, and keep your eyes on the horizon as the sun rises in the morning or sets in the evening. And when you’re looking for an extra helping of peace and enchantment, a moonlit stroll can be added to the mix! Check out one of the most popular parks in Fort Walton Beach- Ross Marler Park.

Day 6: Happy Stomach, Happy Heart

Florida Wellness starts in the stomach. If you put nothing but junk in, expect your health to suffer, so on the final full day of your journey, we’re going to feed your belly with some fresh and healthy treats from the sea. The Back Porch at 1740 Scenic Highway 98 in Destin has been a local tradition for just about 45 years now and the secret of their success is simple: serve healthy food that tastes great. Their grilled seafood dishes will delight your taste buds, fill your stomach, and make your scale very happy!

Day 7: The Final Farewell

The week has passed in a blink of an eye, but we’re hoping your journey has been a successful one. Are you ready to go back to work, feeling calm, centered, and relaxed? Then we have done our jobs right! As you pack for your return home and take one last look at the most important pieces of your Florida health and wellness journey, your Breakers getaway, we look forward to seeing you again! It’s never too soon to start planning your next journey, so reserve your favorite piece of paradise today!