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Water Sports in Florida

Water Sports Journey To Fort Walton Beach

The ocean calls to us with a siren’s song that can’t be ignored, and when you are contemplating a journey of watersports, our panhandle hometown of Fort Walton Beach is the first place that should be on your list of destinations! Offering sunny skies, tranquil waters, and a plethora of water activities guaranteed to add excitement and adventure to your Florida water sports journey, this guide will ensure you don’t miss a single water activity!

Day 1: Dipping Your Toes In

The first day of your Florida water sports journey will mostly be lowkey: unpacking, exploring the amenities of your Breakers FWB luxury condo, and, if you just can’t help yourself, maybe an hour or so of frolicking in the waves! Nothing wipes the stress board clean faster than some time playing in the water, and after the travels, you have endured today, it’s the perfect way to ensure a good night’s sleep!

Day 2: Tried and True- Water Sports in Florida

Before we sample some of the more skill requiring sports, we’re going to start out journey out with the tried and true jet ski adventure! Available for rent at many watersports stores in Destin and Fort Walton Beach, Destin Water Pontoon Fun & Jet Ski Rental is a great place to start; they include instructions with all rentals, including safety tips (listen closely here!) and directions on the best jet skiing locations. Once you’re set free, you can fly across the waves like an expert, enjoying the battle of man and jet ski against nature until your time runs out or you start to get hungry for lunch! Click here to learn more about the jet ski adventures.

Day 3: Namaste

Yoga classes are a great way to find your inner peace, but even the hot yoga classes that are popular today lack a little pizazz; it’s time to try stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga! You’ll never look at the traditional child’s pose the same way again, and even though the poses are more difficult to accomplish on a board, your sense of accomplishment will be greater, and the water is there to cool you off should you fall! Destin Yoga by the Sea is where to go when your chis need aligning and your vinyasas are off kilter!

Day 4: Watching the Undersea Show Live

When you think about it, snorkeling is nothing more than getting some exercise in while you watch a colorful underwater show. Destin Snorkeling in Harbor Walk Village offers instructions and tours, and we really recommend the tours, because they take you to the best snorkeling spots in town, ensuring you get to experience the best of what this watersport has to offer!

Day 5: Hanging 10 With the Best of Them

Those young and beautiful surfers make it look so easy on television, waiting crouched on their boards, seeking that perfect curl. And then it happens, the wave rises up behind and in one fluid motion, so does the surfer, catching the wave and riding it into shore. It’s a beautiful sight, one that encourages everyone to try it out for themselves, only to find it’s not that easy! Fortunately, if you’re considering a surfing adventure during your watersports journey, the great people at Ride On Surf School in Destin are here to help you look just as good! Give them a call at 850-240-7822 and pit your wits against the sea with a little help from your new friends!

Day 6: Go Fly a Kite

On your last full day here, it’s time to learn another water sport in Florida. Kiteboarding is one of the latest crazes to hit the Gulf Waters, and XL Kites at 42 Miracle Strip Parkway SE is where you’re going to learn! Offering the latest in kiteboarding equipment and classes that will make it look easy before long you will be riding the waves with an oversized and colorful kite leading the way. It’s like flying a kite on the beach, but so much more fun!

Day 7: Where Did the Time Go?

It seemed like only yesterday you were unpacking your bikinis and swim trunks and heading to the surf outside your Breakers beach condo for the first time, but it’s been seven days and now it’s time to say goodbye. Your comfortable and luxurious beach escape has served you well, and you know you’ll be coming back, so why not cement your plans for your next journey before this one ends? Reserve your stay with us today!