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Fort Walton

Seablaster Snorkeling

Splash into your vacation with a Seablaster Snorkeling trip! If you are visiting in mid-April through the summer months, this cruise is 3 hours of fun, combining 90 minutes of snorkeling with a 90-minute dolphin cruise.

Build memories together exploring the beautiful waters of the Panhandle while listening to fantastic music, enjoying free water, soda, beer, and wine (adults only), and taking pictures of the incredible sights.

You’ve Never Done Anything Quite Like This

Snorkeling is an easy and popular vacation activity for all ages for a reason! It gives you the chance to see the world underwater for longer than you can when holding your breath and doesn’t require any complicated equipment. Everything you need for snorkeling equipment is provided and sanitized for your cruise. Life jackets for all ages too, and lifeguards are on site. This crew of experts will make sure you have everything you need for a memorable underwater experience.

Explore a New World Underwater!

This inshore snorkeling trip starts close to a beach, and you can let your experience and comfort level lead you into waters 6 feet deep or all the way down to 25 feet. Snorkelers love the feeling of diving in these gorgeous green waters and in the Destin Jetties visibility can be up to twenty feet! This means you could see all sorts of underwater life—fish, crabs, even stingrays! Destin is a top spot for snorkeling and shelling, so a search of the bay floor is the perfect way to find a seashell to take home.

Boost Your Health in Unexpected Ways with Snorkeling Adventures!

For all of the fun and excitement, a Seablaster Snorkeling excursion is sure to bring into your getaway, snorkeling is also an activity that can boost your health in unexpected ways! Many people head to Fort Walton Beach in pursuit of well-deserved time far away from the daily grind and the stresses that life demands we regularly pay attention to. Incorporating snorkeling into your Fort Walton Beach adventure not only makes for lifelong memories but can actually work directly towards improving the mental health standards you set out to reset with a vacation in the first place!

Snorkeling is a viable form of exercise that releases endorphins as it’s practiced. Endorphins provide a feel-good vibe that’s beneficial to the body and the brain as well. Similarly, snorkeling requires concentrated and rhythmic breathing techniques to make the most of time under the waves. This type of breathing isn’t dissimilar from that used during meditation or yoga practices—all of which lend themselves to a feeling of balance, renewal, and ultimately, self-confidence too.

For those travelers who are looking for ways to experience the beauty of this part of Florida, but may suffer from joint pain or stiffness, snorkeling is a fantastic form of exercise and exploration that offers a gentle cushion for joints which makes the experience that much more enjoyable! Time in the water provides a low to virtually no-impact experience on joints, while still allowing excursion participants to make the most of a great adventure. Similarly, individuals can tailor their snorkeling style and pace to match their physical abilities—guaranteeing a great time no matter how long you’re in the water.

Of course, even a short amount of time spent snorkeling comes with an advantage for your heart health. As you swim or glide through the water observing the plants and fish below, your heart automatically begins to beat harder with the effort and subsequently becomes a stronger muscle. A healthy heart greatly reduces the risks associated with developing high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even heart disease over time. Who knew you could have so much fun in the water and be working on your overall fitness and health too?

Finally, it’s worth noting that when you choose to take part in a snorkeling excursion, you’re in for a calorie-burning experience from start to finish. Snorkeling is by and large a full-body workout where every muscle is used as you make your way through the waves. Muscles working hard is directly linked to calories burned. If you’re a snorkeler that spends time diving down for a closer look, you’ll have the added benefit of gaining muscle tone as you work against the resistance of the water.

A Dolphin Cruise to Remember

After your snorkeling experience, get ready for the second part of your trip! As your boat speeds over the waves in the Gulf of Mexico a party atmosphere is created with a variety of great tunes. Your captain knows just where to find dolphins in these emerald green waters ensuring a memorable trip. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or you’ve never been out to sea, this group of deck hands will make sure you are comfortable and happy. Seablaster’s enthusiastic crew even offers your kids a chance to captain the boat, and adults can enjoy complimentary beer and wine during the cruise.

Contact our office today by phone or email and book one of our condos or a short-term rental so you can experience this amazing attraction and more!