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Coastal Cruisers Destin

The Emerald Coast is a long stretch shoreline featuring beautiful beaches and exciting cities such as Fort Walton Beach. Get out and explore the Emerald Coast during your stay in Fort Walton Beach by heading on over to our friendly neighbors in Destin. Exploring this nearby city is not quite as exciting by car or by foot. Instead, get yourself a nice pair of wheels to help you navigate Destin. That is where Coastal Cruisers comes in with their great selection of bike and scooter rentals. You can explore Destin in style on these thrilling personal vehicles.

Bike and Scooter Rentals

The most popular rentals found at Coastal Cruisers are their selection of bikes and scooters. You can choose from beach cruisers that are both stylish and comfortable to ride on the streets or sidewalks. All-terrain bikes will let you take your ride off-road with these vehicles designed for outdoor trails. Scooters are available by the single or double rider space. Enjoy a scooter ride solo or bring along someone to have a blast with you!

Scoot Car and Golf Cart Rentals

Take the kids for a safe and exciting ride aboard one of their scoot cars. These cute vehicles are small sized cars that seat up to three individuals. The scoot cars are safe to drive on the road (and street legal) and go up to 35 mph. This is a great way for your children to see the incredible views of the Emerald Coast with you! You can also rent a golf cart if you need to comfortably seat four people. These golf carts are also street legal and have quite the zip to them. Delivery is available for scoot cars and golf carts when reservations are placed in advance.

Water Rentals

Last but certainly not least is their selection of water boat rentals. You can choose from a great selection of kayaks and stand up paddle boards for an enjoyable time in the water. Whether your adventures are taking place on land or sea, checking out the Emerald Coast is always a joy with Coastal Cruisers! You can place your reservations today by calling Coastal Cruisers at 850-543-6146.

More to Enjoy in Fort Walton Beach

The entire stretch of the Emerald Coast is available to you when you vacation in Fort Walton Beach. Choose from our exclusive selection of vacation condos that are just a skip away from the beach. Onsite amenities make sure you have plenty to do during your stay. Contact us today to book one of these amazing vacation rentals!